Saturday, March 25, 2017

Added pleasures ~

We are experiencing the most glorious weather. That coupled with the rain has resulted in the garden looking absolutely splendid. Everything seems to be bursting forth. Soon it will be hot and I will be complaining so I intend to enjoy all of it while I can.


Mrs B R Cant  antique Tea rose

one of the ways to enjoy it is to bring in flowers, herbs and greenery for bouquets, not only for fresh bouquets, but material that I can dry to use later in dried bouquets. Some flowers such as yarrow, statice and Queen Anne's Lace aren't blooming yet, but the roses, lavender and rosemary are ready for harvest.

If possible and I have the time, I like to make up nose gay bouquets, bind them with ribbon and hang them on door knobs until they dry. It has become a spring tradition for me.

After they have completely dried I will store them in a darken closet until I am ready to use them. They will last this way for a very long time.

It has been quite a while since I have made potpourri but I think I will make some this year. With the recent availability of so many essential oils, which used to be a bit difficult to source, it might be fun and I love anything that adds fragrance to my home. Just another element from the garden to enjoy.

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Happy Spring!


  1. Those roses are seriously gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing some Spring with us today.

  2. Yes, the gardens are so beautiful and vibrant in color. I need to get out and harvest my lavender too. I have so much and the gardener will be chomping at the bit to cut it back.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful bouquets.


  3. I love this. Thank you for the inspiration. I have so much plant material that this would be fun to do. I did not know to put them in a closet to make them last longer. I made potpourri last year. I still have quite a bit left, because one of my cats tried to eat it. It was mostly safe with roses, so I had to place it higher, so I forgot about putting it out. xoxo Su


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