Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The saga of Piggy wiggy ~

A while back I took a pottery class. I wasn't really interested in making pots but I did have fun making a few sculpted things, such as rabbit finials for the garden.

And, the series of roosters behind my stove. 

Then I decided why not make something I had really wanted for a long time, and that was a
plaque of a pig head - like the ones that you see outside of meat markets in European cities. I would have preferred a wonderful antique one but that simply wasn't going to happen.

Instead I made Piggy Wiggy

With all of the details...grape leaves, bows, etc. he took a long time to make and I was told that he might not make it through all of the firings. He did fine for the first firing but poor Piggy Wiggy cracked in the second firing.

But he was so cute and so much work that I brought him home and pretty much forgot about him. Then last week, while spring cleaning I came across him, took him out, and decided that I would put him up even though he wasn't perfect, that the imperfection lent him a certain patina.

So here he is now where he was intended to be. Mounted on the hood above the stove.
I added a wreath I made from apple twigs to frame him.

He might not be perfect but he does have a certain charm and now I don't even notice the crack.


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  1. I love your piggy, he looks so good on your hood. I think you did an outstanding job on him. The roosters look good on the stove also. You are a very talented lady.

    Hope your enjoying our great weather, but wish we would have more rain. Everything is so green and lush in the garden. Hope to do a post soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I know what you mean, this unseasonable hot weather really takes a toll on what is blooming. I am hoping for more rain next week, I hate to start relying on irrigation so early in the year.

    Thank you for your nice comments on Piggy wiggly.

  3. Piggy Wiggy is just perfect. He has a wonderful patina that is better than just any old patina because you created it!

  4. Piggy Wiggy is just perfect. He has a wonderful patina that is better than just any old patina because you created it!

  5. Now that is one cute pig!!!! At first I couldn't imagine, but he is very cute and you did amazing work with him!!

  6. Thank you. It's nice to hear you like him.

  7. Adrienne, Oh my gosh, sometimes the best things come out of something unexpected. I love that he is glazed and, although, he might not be what you wanted him to be, he is totally his own special little personality and belongs right where he is with a wonderful story to tell..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. How adorable is he! That's a perfect spot for him. I've been trying to get hubs to put a screw in my metal hood similar to yours so I can hang things there. Now I'm really going to nag him!

  9. Great! I hope that when you get it done you will share it. I originally made the roosters to go around the edge of the molding but I like Piggy Wiggy better.


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