Monday, April 10, 2017

Baskets in the garden ~

When I am out walking around in my garden checking what needs to be done, what is blooming, or what looks particularly nice that day, I will often stop to deadhead an occasional flower, or pull a weed, then I wander around with it all in my hand until I can trek back to the bin. I had the realization that it would so much more convenient to have some kind of containers, attractive enough to leave sitting throughout the garden, that I could toss it all in.

So a few weeks ago when I stopped by Michael's, to pick up something completely unrelated, and saw wicker laundry baskets on sale for $5.00 I thought these might be just the thing.

I bought 5 of them and tucked them around in various spots. Now I don't have to back track to the trash bin every time I have a hand full of weeds. Every once in a while I will empty them in the compost pile. Because they are made out of wicker they are very light weight, surprisingly strong and won't mind a bit of rain. 

 Being new they are a bit bright, over time they should acquire some patina and won't be as obvious.  I am very fond of baskets and really like the way they look, after all wicker is just dried plant material.

As a bonus, they can be stacked if I do want to store them.

Because my garden is fairly large I could really use a couple more of these...for appearance, cost and effectiveness they are just exactly what I wanted.

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  1. Great idea for a lovely garden like yours. We have an old red wagon in our yard that gets our snips until they go to the bin. If I had a magical garden with flowers like yours, I would use those baskets as you do.

  2. Wonderful idea! The five dollar price tag made it all the more so. I love to see your garden and stone walkways, so pretty.

  3. What a great idea. I will have to put a couple in my garden. Your garden is so lovely. I do the same thing each morning, wondering around the garden.

    Enjoy this beautiful weather. By the way the Mary Lou Heard's Garden Tour is first weekend in May. They are on line. Also the Fullerton Garden Tour is April 30th.


  4. Those baskets look great and will be perfect for the occasional weed.
    Not a bad price either...well done!

  5. Hello Adrienne,

    Beautiful garden and a very nice idea. what a lovely baskets
    Have a wonderful day

  6. That is such a simple and great idea! I know what you mean by walking around with your hands full of weeds and then back tracking to the bin. I do that all the time... sometimes I leave a little pile somewhere and pick it up later, but it is a bit annoying. Perhaps I should get some smaller baskets as well...

  7. Adrienne, you are most clever!! What a great idea and they do look so pretty. I have pulled a weed or dead head a flower and being too lazy to take it to the trash, just throwing it back down on the ground. Terrible to admit, but I suppose some of those weeds have multiplied for that very reason. Baskets make much more sense. Your garden is truly beautiful and everything you add makes it more so..Have a wonderful week..Judy


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