Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring at it's best ~

In the far back of the garden sits my little vintage greenhouse. Somehow or other, a time long ago, we had it moved on the property - a gift from a friend that didn't want it anymore.

I really don't use it to grow plants but rather to store pots, other gardening containers, and baskets.

It's a cute little structure made even nicer this time of year when the white Lady Banks rose festoons it. This rose like it's sister, the yellow and more well known variety, blooms only once a year in early spring, but like most of the once blooming roses it is so lavish with it's flowers that I really don't mind that it doesn't repeat.

It would be hard to ask for anything prettier than these charming clusters of white flowers tinged at their centers in soft, soft yellow.

When the Lady Banks roses bloom this signals to me that spring has definitely arrived and every year I look forward to this display of nature at it's best.

Thank you for visiting.

May your day be filled with the beauty of spring.


  1. Adrienne, wow! Those pretty roses are amazing. Your yard is always perfect and that shed with the roses is just another wonderful feature.

  2. What a beautiful rambling rose - it's stunning. The vintage greenhouse is so pretty as well, I wouldn't mind to have something like that in my garden.

    1. I am sure it would do quite well in your might want to try one.

  3. Adrienne, WOW that rose bush is stunning. So many wonderful blooms. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful rose bush.

    Have a great weekend. I hope we get rain.


    1. thank you.

      I am hoping for rain also but now it seems that we will both be disappointed. I sure hope we get a bit more before the long, hot summer sets in.

  4. We've been traveling for a few weeks with our travel trailer and I've not had much consistent, reliable internet access so I could check in here. I love that darling, little greenhouse! Your flowers are always gorgeous. Because we are traveling and will be in and out at home this summer we are missing a lot of the blooms in our yard. I always enjoy your gardens.


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