Friday, May 5, 2017

An introduction ~

Just is case you haven't met, I would like to introduce you to Sally...Sally Holmes that is.

Sally Holmes is a vintage rose with large, tightly packed trusses of ivory single 5" flowers of 8 to 12 petals  beautifully complimented by bright yellow stamens. 

This rose can be grown as a large shrub or a small climber. I have been growing her as a climber in this spot along the driveway at the entrance to the front garden for several years. Two years ago I had to drastically prune in order to install the new arbor I made to replace the old one that had fallen apart so she took a real hit. Now, between the rain and another year of growth she is well on her way to a
 complete comeback.

For some reason this rose blooms a bit later than most of my other climbing roses which makes it even more special. And it does have an excellent repeat throughout the season.

Such a pretty Grande Dame of the garden.

Last weekend I spent some time cleaning out my fountains and starting them up again. I have one in the front, which you can see in a couple of these pictures and another in the back garden. I had forgotten how nice it is to be working in the garden to the accompaniment of softly trickling water -small pleasures.

Thank you for visiting.
I wish you a rosy day.


  1. So beautiful. Your garden is amazing. Rain helps so much. We are not getting much where I live in Texas. I enjoy all your pictures.

  2. Your rose is beautiful and looks so good on your arbor. I am so glad that she came back this year with all the wonderful rain we had. Have you noticed how vibrant the rose bushes are and twice the number of blooms. However, with the terrible winds we had, they kinda got beat up.

    I love to hear my fountain flowing too. Really had to do alot of pruning in the back yard. MY gardener got a work out today.

    Enjoy your weekend, rain, do you think we will get some? Sure hope so.


    1. We got a little today, but not much. I am hoping for more on Sunday.

  3. Just beautiful, Adrienne..Have a great week..Judy

  4. Your garden is always a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a great time of the year for gardens in Southern California, especially with the abundance of rain this year. Thank you for your kind comment.

  5. It seems I'm always catching up but this time for good reason. We've been away on a road trip - an almost two month adventure. Sally is a beautiful rose. I always love to visit your gardens! We're trying to catch up with ours after being away for so long.


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