Monday, May 15, 2017

Pretty ~

Climbing Pinkie rambling with abandon along the deck railing in the back garden.

Such a pretty and such a reliable rose. She seems bred to delight, both in the garden...

and in the house.

We had a delightful surprise of rain today which kept me out of the garden but that was okay as I have been busy working on the new drapes for the entry hall. Sewing on a rainy day is almost as nice as baking. And now I won't have to water for a few days, always a good thing!

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Your roses are gorgeous!
    We had rain today and I got out for my walk but little else.
    Hope your sewing went well.

  2. Thanks for letting us share those lovely roses.

  3. Your roses are stunning and they look amazing on the railing.

    So glad that you got rain, we got NOTHING. Yesterday coming back from Brea there were about 5 drops on the window and nothing today, except it is chilly and May Grey.

    Have a great week and looking forward to seeing your lovely drapes.


  4. So beautiful, Adrienne. We had rain yesterday also, but not for very long. The wind has picked up the last couple of days..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Beautiful! My dear mother had a wonderful, tiny pink rambling rose that has meandered all over the roof of her shed and spilled far beyond the trellis my sweetheart built to help contain it. Roses are a favorite of mine!


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