Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Star of the garden ~

Most of the time I plant things in the garden, keep my fingers crossed, then sit back and wait, hoping  that they will perform the way I envisioned them in my daydreams. I have some disappointments  but most  plants do fairly well and I am generally happy with the results.

Then there are the occasions when things turn out far better than what I expected.

It is like this with the Rudbeckias I planted below the deck in the back garden. I thought they would be pretty here but I didn't really expect how pretty.

I planted them from a six pack in early spring and now they are fully grown and lush with bloom. There are several varieties of Rudbeckias, these are the common, old fashion type. A tough, hardy selection that withstands our summer heat. 

I have pink Austin roses, the extrodinary Climbing Pinkie rose and several kinds of dahlias planted here also - if you look closely you can see them, but right now the Rudbeckias are the stars of this border. 

Any plant that can tolerate our 100+ degree days and look like this has my approval. This just might be my plant of the year.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a happy day.


  1. Old Fashioned is best! Haha! So cheery! That is a wonderful shot of your garden below the deck. You did get a lovely show of the rudbeckias. Amazing in that heat!

  2. Beautiful. There will be twice as many next year. Every year our Black Eyed Susans (as they are called here) come back larger and taller it seems. Wish I could have roses like you do. Gorgeous.

  3. Any plant that can withstand that heat is worth planting. Your garden is so lovely no matter what the season.

  4. You have a green thumb Adrienne!
    Drought tolerant plants that are attractive are right up there on my list.
    Our roses do love water and I am loathe to let them go they are my favourite all time flowers.

  5. your garden is stunning, Adrienne! Wondering what summer plans you have? more gardening? sewing projects? painting?

  6. I love Rudbeckias! They are the star of the garden most of the time. Yours are absolutely gorgeous. What a delight to have your hard work rewarded with their beauty!

  7. So pretty, Adrienne. For such a sturdy flower the rudbeckias have such a romantic look, I think. They are great in bouquets too..They certainly seemed to grow fast there. Must be an ideal spot..Happy Weekend..Judy


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