Saturday, January 6, 2018

A big mess ~

December is the one month of the year that I put all gardening thoughts and work aside.  I just don't have the time or energy to spend time working in the garden and also enjoy the all the holiday preparations and activities.

But in January, well that's when all of my neglect becomes very obvious. The garden is a mess!

Such a mess that it almost seems impossible that I
 will ever be able to get things back in shape.

It is hard to believe that this is how this part of the garden looked just a few months ago.

But I try not to get too discouraged.

 My plan as usual, is to start in one place, clean-up, prune, lay down chicken manure, maybe plant some some seasonal annuals,and then move on to another area. With diligence and persistence this seems to work.

And then I can spend time doing something I love, picking out new


I hope that your new year is going well with lots of plans and adventures ahead.

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  1. Adrienne, this is exactly how I feel when I look out my kitchen window! What a mess! It's hard to know where to start. Your post is a little bit of inspiration this morning!

  2. Happy New Year! I'm in the same situation. It was so warm in Texas I had quite a bit still growing.Then the cold set in. Now it's a sad mess. I know you're garden will be absolutely beautiful.

  3. I have no doubts whatsoever that your garden will outshine every other garden in no time. After all...that's what you are...a devoted gardener.

  4. Since December was so dry and sunny I did a lot of garden chores. For obvious reasons I wasn't much in Christmas spirit and getting my hands in the dirt, pruning and trimming is very healing.
    I'm sure your garden will look as stunning as it usually does soon. It's a lot of work, but such an enjoyable one. Have a lovely 2018.

  5. Adrienne, I find it so hard to imagine the garden being back to normal in the winter months. It never fails that I am surprised when spring comes and things start to perk up. Sometimes I wish the garden could be covered in snow all winter long. Living in a warmer climate makes the sloppy more visible but, I know, your's will be beautiful and thriving once more before long..Judy

  6. Your garden is so beautiful when it's in full bloom. I can imagine how lovely it will look again once the weather is better and you get your hands on it again. Looking forward to seeing it glow again.

  7. With this up and coming rain it should really help our gardens. MY new gardeners have really been doing a wonderful job on my gardens. I used to have them about a year and a half ago, let them go, but now I have them back.

    Your garden will be beautiful soon, not that it isn't now. Your gardens always look so pretty.


  8. I was just reading your profile and loved the remark, "He made me feel like the most wonderful woman in the world"...I lost my sweet husband of 57 years last July and feel the same about him. He thought I was beautiful, which I NEVER was, even young...he thought I was so talented and I have not a lick of talent....and I miss him so much, I can barely function.


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