Thursday, January 18, 2018

The last flush of bloom ~

 In our temperate climate which grows warmer each year, although it is supposed to be winter, roses are still blooming. Because of the somewhat cooler temperatures the roses although not so abundant are even lovelier now. This however is the time to prune roses in Southern California so it must be done, but it is difficult to cut back a bush lush with flowers and buds.


I take a bucket of water into the garden and as I prune I put the cut roses into the bucket, when I am finished work I have flowers for some of the most beautiful bouquets of the year.

I love this picture, I think I will use it in a greeting card. Don't you think it would be pretty?

The majority of roses in my garden are pink, in a variety of shades. The bushes I pruned on this day were old rose varieties, mostly Tea roses. As you can see they have the multi-petaled flowers and form of many Austin roses, but seem to perform better for me. Unlike Hybrid Teas which like being severely cut back, these roses are pruned lightly, more of a gentle shaping and removal of any deadwood.

I haven't finished pruning but last week on a trip to Home Depot to pick up chicken manure I was pleased to find some really nice roses. Nothing exotic, or special, but some old standbys that I think will be successful in my garden.

So, here are some of the new girls, I can hardly wait to get them in!

 I hope you have a 'rosy' day.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Well, I find it just amazing that you have roses in January! How wonderful. And so beautiful! We are so far from that here.

  2. ...nice, but unfortunately another symptom of global warming, we just don't seem to have a winter season anymore and it has had a very negative effect on gardens...sigh!

  3. Adrienne, beautiful!! Our roses have been done for awhile. Along with most everything else! Getting colder now here..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. Adrienne, your roses are beautiful. Mine have more color to them than in the hot weather we had. Need to get the manure down on mine. Had the gardeners start deadheading mine. I read an article from the Huntington Art Museum that we only need to do a heaver deadhead in January. I will go back and cut the roses better. They at least will do the majority of them.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Roses blooming at this time of year - what a treat! We aren't yet ready to plant up here, but dreaming of new roses is good anytime!

  6. Your roses are beautiful! I think I could smell the fragrance as I read your words and saw your photos. We have roses that need to come out of our yard. I would be said but a dear friend wants to add them to her rose garden. Taking them out will allow us to make a change that will be good.

  7. Lovely selection of new garden roses!
    Your bouquet is spectacular and I particularly like the soft and pretty.
    We have a few blooms on our roses as it has been a mild winter...soon we will be out pruning and they will be getting ready for the summer flush of blooms.

  8. I'm late getting over here, but it was well worth the trip. Your lovely roses are always an inspiration to us Brown Thumbers.


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