Sunday, February 11, 2018

Odds and ends ~

Last week after my gardening class I stopped by the local Armstrong's and was very lucky to find some plants that are usually a bit difficult to find in pony packs: Imperial Stock, that's the tall and extremely fragrant variety, I am hoping that it might act like a perennial in my garden, and cleome, which I grew last year and loved.

I also picked up some more common things: alyssum, loved for it's fragrance and rambling charm, some succulents for my driveway median, and another lavender to fill out the lavender walk at the far back of the garden.

It is early in the gardening year I am still cutting back and cleaning up, but a few things are starting to bloom. The flowering pear, a baby still, is looking good and these very dependable succulents are pretty with their coral-pink blooms and foliage.

And across the garden, although the trees are still bare, the lavender is blooming and the first of the alstroemeria flowers are starting to open up.

My final purchase for the week, was a gift to myself of a new cordless blower. I have an electric blower, it is old, heavy and I hate dragging the cord around, subsequently it never gets used. But this new, powerful and light weight blower - it only weighs a little over 5 pounds - is a gem, and makes cleaning my decks, garage and pathways so much easier then sweeping.

I am taking a road trip up to Carmel, California next week to visit my Sister. so I have been rushing to get everything that I bought planted before I go. It is supposed to rain which will give everything off to a good start. Some of my daffodils are starting to bloom, it will be fun to come home after a week away to see the changes in the garden.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Good Monday morning, I recently (2 years ago) moved back to SAn Diego after spending 23 yrs in Charlotte NC. I've been reading your blog a couple of years, but never posted until now. I love your yard, so inspiring. After seeing todays blog I'm going to go back to your beginning so I can enjoy your beautiful yard on this cloudy day here. Thanks for your sharing, Jerris

    1. What a nice comment.

      If you like to garden then San Diego, with it's temperate climate and ocean influences is a great place to be. I hope that you are enjoying the move back.

  2. I have the same cordless blower and I love it. When The Great Dane became ill I invested in a range of light, cordless garden tools and I have enjoyed using them!

    1. Oh good! I am happy to get your input on the blower. I just bought new drills made by the same company, they all got good reviews.

      I didn't know that your husband was ill, I hope that he is feeling better.

  3. Your garden is always beautiful. I can't believe that I have so many Cleome plants coming up all over and Bells of Ireland too.

    I am going to Armstrongs to get some tall stock. That is hard to find. I go to M & M Nursery in Orange, they specialize in Cottage Gardens.

    Have a wonderful time up in Carmel, I love it up there.


  4. Bells of Ireland and wonderful! I have been to M&M Nursery but it has been a long time - I should make a little trip down there. Remember how wonderful Heard's was? Good luck finding the stock.

  5. Your garden will certainly shine again this season. I can just smell the stock from here. Such a beautiful flower..Happy gardening and enjoy Carmel. Should be great weather there now..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  6. Thank you. I am keeping my finger crossed for some rain, we need it badly as I am sure you do too.


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