Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Let's have a Tete a Tete ~

I love daffodils, they are one of the bulbs that we can grow in our warm winter climate without any fuss or bother; to me they are such happy flowers. They do not naturalize as readily here as in cooler zones but with luck they will come back and increase. Such is the case with one of my favorite daffodils, the miniature variety, Tete a Tete.

My driveway is long, in the old style with an open divider down much of the center, I have spent lots of time trying to make it look appealing and not resemble a runway. Some of my experiments with it have been unsuccessful, but miniature daffodils are happy and thrive in this location.

Since I drive over it, anything planted here needs to be both heat tolerant, and low growing. Currently, the daffodils are inter-planted with dwarf junipers, trailing verbena, thyme and succulents. It is watered with drip irrigation. 

I have had trouble finding Tete a Tete bulbs in the past but this year they were readily available so I also planted them in other parts of the garden -  along the edges of paths where with their diminutive size they won't get lost. But here in the driveway is my favorite spot for them.

The delight is short lived but well worth it. 

Thank you for visiting.


  1. That looks great. We don't have any of those types of driveways here because of all the snow and ice we get---and the plows that take care of it would tear it right out. I have to say- what you have there is very, very pretty. Not much you can do to dress up a driveway here. Yours looks great!
    Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. Adrienne, I always wanted a driveway like yours! I planted some of those dainty ones one year up here, but the larger types came back but not them. So pretty..Happy Week..Judy

  3. Wow. I love your driveway! I'm always drawn to the rock garden look and your drive reminds me of the best of rock gardens and is so unique.

  4. Love your drive way. We had one like that many years ago in Euclid, Ohio. I love what you have done to it - looks great.

    I am looking forward to the rain we are expecting tomorrow night.


  5. Such a pretty drive way...those cheery yellow daffs really light up the space and say WELCOME HOME!

  6. Such a pretty flower, too.
    I do mostly container gardening and love it. Since I am OLDEN, it is just easier for me...not as much bending and grunting and trying to get back up...son built a raised bed that is fun, too. Mostly veggies there.

  7. As usual I'm trying to catch up again. You know I love daffodils but this miniatures are a special favorite. Your driveway looks wonderful. We don't have the landscaping in ours - just a big slab of concrete. I always enjoy your gardens.


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