Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Slip cover dilemma ~

When I redecorated my living room last year I moved the existing sofa into the media room. I gave some thought to getting a new one, but this is a very soft, cushy, comfortable piece of furniture - perfect for lolling in. It is also a nice length to lie down on for a cat nap. However if I was going to use it, it needed an updated look.

I have never used a slip cover before but it seemed like a good solution: It would give me the look I wanted, and be easy to take off and clean.

...after the cushions have been covered

So, I ordered a slip cover. It was the right color and I fell in love with the ruffle and the bows. But when it came and I put it on the sofa it didn't looked messy when I tried to put it over the four loose cushions and pulled loose every time I sat on it.

...before with the old upholstery cushions 

I could have sent it back but I still liked the color and the style, I decided that by making slip covers for the four cushions separately I could get it to fit better. So, I went online, found a really good color match for the fabric...

And made the cushion covers. They have Velcro closings so I can take them off to be washed. Easy! In the picture below you can't see the two back cushions but they are covered also. 

Now I am very pleased with how it looks and when I sit down the fabric stays in place and doesn't get rumpled. As far as slip-covers, the next time I think I will just make the whole thing to begin with...even with ruffles and bows!

A little extra work, but definitely worth it.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a happy day!


  1. WOW, you did a terrific job on the cushions and they look like they came with the rest. I also love the ruffles and bows. When you find a comfortable couch, it's hard to part with it.

    Enjoy your week.


  2. Thank you Mary...yes it is hard to find a good piece of furniture and this one is very comfy.

  3. Oh my goodness you are so talented! Your sofa looks fabulous as does your room...
    We bought our slip covered loveseats from IKEA...they are white and wash up really well.

  4. My daughter has two slip covered chairs from IKEA and they are super...white, and wash up great.

  5. Oh...I have missed you. I hope that everything is okay. I really hope that you get back to blogging, I always enjoyed your posts. How is Miss Addie?

  6. You really are an artist. So beautiful. So many talents . Love it!

  7. Adrienne, what a great look. I know what you mean about having to straighten the covers everytime you get up. I have had slip covers on chairs and they just drove me crazy each time. It all looks so put together now and you are so talented, I don't doubt you could make the whole thing if you wanted.Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. Your such a good sewer I was wondering why you didn't make them at first. The slipcover really came out great.

  9. I love this idea! So you just pushed the slip cover on the sofa with out the cushions and then you put the cushions you covered back on top of it? I know I am probably the only one asking this but I just wanna make sure. You have a beautiful home!

  10. I love the look of your 'new' sofa. I've been thinking of making a slipcover for mine. It needs a change but, like yours, is the right size and very comfortable. You've inspired me.


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