Monday, March 19, 2018

Miss Twiggley and friends ~

Miss Twiggley what are you so fascinated by outside the window?


Lots and lots of birds.

Here to get a bite to eat and provide you with entertainment...all at a safe distance.

I put up this birdfeeder for Miss Twiggley. She is an indoor cat and  somewhere I read that a birdfeeder outside a window where a cat can easily see it is a good way to entertain and provide stimulation for indoor cats. Little did I realize that since this feeder hangs outside a window in my study where I use my computer it would also provide me with so much pleasure - they are so interesting to observe. 

 Miss Twiggley agrees, she can literally spend hours here and meows to me her complaints when the feeder is empty and the birds stop coming.
More rain is coming through over the next couple of days. This afternoon I planted my tomatoes, a nice rain should get them off to a good start.

Have a happy day!

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  1. Your kitty would love to watch my humming birds - they keep me busy making their food and filling them up daily. LOL

    I do hope we get a lot of rain as we really need it. My plants are really growing and the iris are in bloom. Hope the rain doesn't knock them over. My tomatoes are doing really good have some blooms on them.

    Have a great week and enjoy the rain.


  2. Wow, you are way ahead of me with tomatoes. I do have iris blooming, the old variety Granny's purple has been in flower for several weeks. Today I noticed a lovely burgundy colored iris that I simply don't remember planting...but it is in bloom and quite beautiful. I hope that you post photos of yours.

  3. My Mom's dog does the same thing with squirrel watching. It keeps him entertained for such a long time!

  4. Adrienne, I bet Miss Twiggley is so excited to see the birds. I really miss my little Maggie doing the same. I love when they "talk" to the birds. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. When we lived at our last house with woods out back, I use to spend hours watching the squirrels steal peaches from the tree of the neighbor next door. Sometimes the simple thing are the best.


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