Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Charming in coral ~

 Everyday in the garden now is a preview of what will soon be a riot of bloom.
My newly planted roses are starting to break dormancy and fill out with leaves, only one bush is still sulking; but I continue to have hope. And all of the established roses are starting to form buds.

DiscidiousTrees are still bare, but the ornamental crabapple trees are showing dots of pink buds which will soon open to flowers; the fig trees are covered with emerging leaves and some of the apple trees are in bloom. Daffodils are blooming along with freesias and the old iris, Granny's Purple. So there is a lot going on. But today I want to pay homage to a plant that has supplied my garden with color and interest through most of the winter months.

It is this wonderful Kalanchoe. I don't know which one it is - there are tons of them - but I do know that it is very common, probably because it is such a garden-worthy plant and easy to grow.

 I first came across this plant when someone gave me a cutting. It propagates readily, and grows quickly into large clumps. I have them located in several areas of the garden, planted in places where other things have trouble thriving.

 ...along the driveway near the front gates

I primarily grow them for their interesting foliage but for several months during their bloom period they out do themselves with these coral-pink, bell shaped flowers. So pretty!

I often include succulents in bouquets, they are so long lasting, but this is the first time I thought to make a bouquet of succulent flowers. Like the foliage the flowers have been long lasting, added a touch of beauty to my living room...and makes me wonder,
why didn't I think of this before!

We are supposed to get more rain this week, every drop helps. I haven't had to irrigate for the past two weeks and if we get another nice rain I will be able to stretch it out even longer. Hooray!
I offer a special congratulations to the young people of America as they take a stand today on a very
 important issue. If this is any indication I have very positive hopes that our future is in good hands.

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  1. I don't believe I've ever seen this pretty plant before. They probably don't grow well in our dry West Texas soil. They sure look pretty in your living room..

  2. I don't know this plant at all-but I like how cheery it looks. Beautiful inside and out! xo Diana

  3. Adrienne, Although pretty in the garden, I would never have thought to bring them into a bouquet, but you did and it really makes a beautiful statement. Your garden must be a sight for poor eyes when everything is blooming. Even kids in our little town marched out and the teachers didn't give them any problems. I am so proud of them all..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. ..."and a little child should lead them". After reading your comment this line came to me, I think it is rather fitting. So good that the school administrators in your community were sympathetic to this cause. It was quite a remarkable day.

  5. Your garden is going to be stunning when everything starts blooming. That is a beautiful plant and looks so well in your home.

    I am so glad that the children have taken a stand, maybe everyone will wake up. It's time to do something about guns.

    Can hardly wait for more rain. My iris have grown over night with lots of blooms.
    Hopefully I will be taking picutres for a post.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I look forward to seeing your pictures...I love iris, they are so pretty, even the foliage is nice.

  7. What a neat idea to make a bouquet of succulents. It looks so beautiful! My garden is waking up as well, even though there were plants that delighted me all through winter. More rain would be nice!
    I work in a high school and I am tremendously proud of our kids. They really ARE the future of our country, and they give me a lot of hope.


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