Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Needlepoint pillows ~

While I am watching television I like to have some type of needle work to do, crocheting, knitting, or my favorite: needlepoint. I like needlepoint the best because it is so mindless and takes little concentration other than occasionally changing yarn - no counting of stitches or following a pattern.  It was once described to me as, "idiots delight".

I always make the finished canvas into a pillow, like the cat pillow below; it is one of my favorites. I can't quite decide where to put the other two finished pieces above but eventually I will find a spot.


My latest needlepoint project has been this rose pillow. It will be a pillow for a chair in my living room. I have almost dreaded getting it finished because I didn't have a new canvas to work on. I prefer buying kits, they come imprinted and with all of the yarn. But I think because of the lost popularity of needlepoint, kits with pretty designs have become hard to find. I had had this one for quite a while before I started it

So I was really thrilled when I saw this pink hydrangea at JoAnne's. I think is it lovely and the colors are perfect for several rooms in my home. I ordered it on line and it came yesterday; tonight I can get started on it. They take quite a long time for me to finish but that's okay this is one activity where I don't mind a slow pace. Meanwhile I will be keeping my eye out for another kit...or maybe next time I will try buying a blank canvas and designing my own - who knows. 


"Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses,
A box where sweets compacted lie..."

George Herbert
(April 1593 - March 1633)

I has been a lovely spring day for working outside but I have had tree trimmers here all day making noise and a mess in the garden. The result is that I have had to stay inside, going out occasionally to check on what they are doing. I heard lately of a gardener who left home for a while and came back to see that the wrong tree had been cut to the ground. Horrors! Actually, they are doing a really good job and the results are going to be positive.

Thank you for visiting.

I wish you a wonderful Spring day!


  1. I've been wondering about needlepoint, so now I know what to buy and where to buy it. I'm going to try it. Thanks for the info.

  2. Oh...I hope you give it a try. It is really rather fun. Let me know what you get.

  3. Do you think that tree trimmer could have been my husband?!! He trimmed my beautiful lilac two years ago at the wrong time and it did not produce one bloom last year. It is now just leafing out so, hopefully, it will bloom this year. I love needlepoint. I have done it in the past but then switched to counted cross stitch. Lately, the holes are too small for me to see clearly. I am going online to see what I can find. Would love to do another project. Your's are beautiful..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. I ope your lilac blooms for you this year - they are so beautiful...and the fragrance!

    Please let me know what you find online for a needlework project. The one I just started, like all the others I have done for many years, is on 12 mesh gauge canvas unlike the tiny little petit point gauge, which is far too small for me.

    Good luck!


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