Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The greenhouse ~

In the back of the garden sits this little green house. I use it mostly to store extra pots and wicker baskets. Years ago a friend offered it to us if we could find a way to move it from their property to ours; obviously we did.

So here it sits, tucked away covered with this glorious climbing rose, making it almost hard to find this time of year.

The rose, Rosa Banksiae 'Alba Plena' is  the lesser known variety of the famous yellow form, Lady Banks (which happens in my garden to be growing right along side her sister; it was planted here many decades ago by the former owners of the garden). I planted the white one a few years ago when I first came across it and it has done quite well in this location.

The flowers bloom in multiples down long, slender, torn-less  stems. It is once blooming and has little scent, but in my opinion the lavish abundance and beauty while in bloom makes it worthy of a spot in any garden.

There are some things that make you realize the changing of the seasons, when I walk out and see this rose in flower I know that spring is at it's peak and summer is soon here.

As cute as the greenhouse is, as soon as the rose finishes blooming and I can cut it back a bit, I want to do a few minor repairs, re-glazing in some windows, and definitely, a new coat of paint. There is always something to take care of in a garden!


Today I finally planted the last of the new dahlia tubers. I went a little overboard with purchasing too many and did that thing that obsessive gardeners do - walking around the garden searching for a spot to plant. It took a while but they are all planted and with care should thrive and grow.

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  1. Love your green house - it looks so pretty with all the roses blooming around it. Your garden is certainly stunning and you keep it so neat and pretty. Oh how I wish I could do things in the garden again, but I am afraid that those days are over. I snipe a little here and there. I have 2 wonderful gardeners, especially the woman, she is so careful and loves my flowers. So it is well loved and taken care of.

    Have a wonderful weekend and maybe we will get rain tomorrow, we'll see. I am hoping that I can get out and take some pictures of my roses, they are stunning.

    Enjoy your beautiful garden.


  2. You were on my mind this morning Adrienne, which doesn't surprise me because my garden has started to wake up here in my part of Idaho, and I often think of you and your amazing garden when I'm in the garden. Now I know why I was thinking of you...somebody didn't want me to miss this gorgeous post! I love the setting of your sweet greenhouse and love that you actually moved it from a friend's garden to your own. I love it when people take the effort to save something as special as your greenhouse. I love that amazing rose and sure wish it would grow in mine, but I will just keep enjoying it in yours :)))
    sending hugs...

  3. The roses are awesome. I feel like Walter Mitty when I view your lovely garden and dream of someday having a small one myself.

  4. Adrienne, all I can do is give a big "sigh"!! I could just be happy sitting in that little greenhouse among the pots and all..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. Adrienne, I want to let you know how very much I enjoy reading your blog and how healing it is to me, at this time especially. I'm being treated for adrenal exhaustion and feeling so very tired and sometimes useless as I let the therapy (hopefully) works its magic. However, I find such joy and happiness when perusing your lovely pictures and reading what you share with us. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for this wonderful compliment. I am so sorry that you are going through a period of ill health. I hope that the therapy does its job and you are soon completely well and back to all of your normal activities. Please come back and keep me updated on your progress.

      God bless.

  6. OOO, that is the most DARLING little potting shed. We have one but it has NO PERSONALITY at grows gorgeous plants, tho.
    I (along with Mr. Sweet before he went to his Heavenly home) live in our son's pool house. It is gorgeous and I love it...have been here 5 yrs now. Before my sweetheart of 57 years passed, he built a great workshop, storage room and the greenhouse. I need ways to give it a little personality...maybe I can work on that this summer. I am about to go out and take a few photos of the flowers growing there...then a flower post....Your flowers are sooo pretty.

    1. How wonderful that you are able to live so close to your son, that sounds like heaven, especially if you have all of the great additions i.e. workshop, storage, etc. You are a very lucky person. I am sure with all of your talents you will find a way to add the perfect touches to the greenhouse. And just think yours, is new and not needing repairs such as mine.

      Take care.

  7. Thank you for your visit and comment, Adrienne. I like your little greenhouse very much. I have a new garden shed, and it is very sweet, but there is something about a glass house! The climbing rose is beautiful. I am just in the house on a break from digging a new rose bed - a lot of work! We have had a little rain, so the soil is a it easier to pry out than it will be in a few weeks. I have bought a new David Austen climber and I am anxious to plant it at the corner of the shed.

  8. Your little garden house is darling. The roses rambling over the top remind me of the rambling pink roses that gracefully 'fell' over my dear, little mother's garden shed. Roses are my favorite and I loved seeing yours.


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