Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The other deck ~

I always loved the idea of walking into a house and being able to look through the entry hall into french doors leading outside. When we remodeled the front bedroom turning it into a library/media room, my wish was granted.

The old closet was taken out enlarging the hallway, a new door was put in and french doors added in the other room leading to a deck outside.

Over the years much has changed and last year I had the deck restored. During the winter months I didn't pay much attention to what was going on out there and when I took a hard look at the area last week I realized it needed some attention.

The rug which I had stored was unrolled and laid down and everything was washed. It still looked bare and then I remembered a table cloth out in the storage area that I used to have in the kitchen. I put it in the washing machine not quite knowing how it would turn out, but it made it through perfectly. The design and colors really add interest. I planted three pots with succulents (I need to fill them out with more). And then...

...put together another succulent arrangement for the table. Succulents won't need much watering through the hot summer months making them fairly carefree. I don't know what there is about succulents but it is almost impossible to make a succulent planting that doesn't look good. They are so much fun to work with.

The fireplace surround (and the chandelier) was hauled home from a building site long ago, it lends a focus to the area and gives me a place for some of my decorative birdhouses.

 The garden area next to the deck, has become a bit scruffy too. I have some thoughts about what to do down here but that is for another day.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. I love your mantle with birdhouses!

  2. So pretty Adrienne...lovely planter with the succulents!
    I also love the outdoor bistro set ....I actually have one of those chairs and that same table! Mine are also painted black...I like to sit with my tea after working in the garden and survey all my work and listen toi the birdsong.

  3. Oh, Adrienne. That is so pretty. I love how you can look through your room to see the deck. Our bedroom, off the screened porch, is very tiny although I can look at the porch through the french door (only one). I have a lace panel on the door but think I will remove it for the summer just to be able to see out to the Secret Garden a little better. But still could not match up to yours. Your home and garden are really beautiful, and I enjoy seeing a little more of them each time you post.. That looks like such a romantic space in the garden..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. I love your home and garden. Seems to me they have the same colors and reflect each others beauty.


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