Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring rain ~

When I woke up Saturday morning it was raining which is a crazy major thing in Southern California this time of year - especially this year which has been very dry.

Rain for a gardener is always a reason to celebrate, there is something about rain, different from irrigation, that makes the colors in the garden pop.

I picked up my camera, threw a sweatshirt over my PJs, and went outside to take some photos. 

In the potager the scarecrow keeping watch was wet and dripping, but the new strawberry plants were very happy.

I love the way the gravel areas look after it rains.

This old wheelbarrow waiting to be planted with succulents, sits under a Honeylocust tree. The chartreuse color of the tree in spring is spectacular but never more so than during the mistiness of an overcast day.

A Gravel path in the front winding through roses, salvias and the last of the nasturtiums.

And lastly, along the driveway under the newly leafed out trees, yellow lantana, a wonderful trailing variety, shines bright and sunny in the drizzle.


I am reading a book about Sissinghurst, my favorite garden. The author says that,

 "the completely overblown carefreeness was typical of the garden during the Nicholsons' day when they could not manage - not did they want- exceptional tidiness at all times." 

This was very encouraging to hear, for my own garden, as much as I try, will never be completely tidy, weed free, nor anywhere near perfection - there is always some area in need of work and I find myself obsessing over this instead of enjoying what it does have to offer. 

Thank you Vita and Harold.

And, thank you for visiting.


  1. Such a pretty garden with lovely spots to sit and enjoy the vista...
    I'd walk slowly around taking everything in and then sit for a bit on the bench and listen to the bees as they happily buzz collecting the pollen.

  2. Adrienne, your garden always looks lovely, rain or shine and I don't even notice the weeds (if there really are some). Overblown tidiness, I love that, now I have a name for mine..Happy Gardening..Judy

  3. I just planted some Lantana today. I haven't had a lot of luck with it in NE Texas, but when we lived in Central Texas it was wonderful like yours. Glad you got that shower, it really prettied up your garden.

  4. I am soooo in love with your garden...it's the kind that most ladies yearn for and never really get it.

  5. So beautiful. I love your garden anytime. So many beautiful flowers and trees. Love the orange tree.

  6. A tidy garden is a boring garden...
    Your garden is absolutely lovely. I like the variety. Yes, rain at this time of year is a big gift for any gardener.
    Just like you I love Sissinghurst and been there several times. There are so many stunning gardens in England and everything looks so effortless (which of course it isn't - but they certainly have more rain!).


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