Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Pretty pink ~

I  love pink flowers, but normally this time of the year they very limited in my garden,  the more saturated and brighter colored flowers seem to deal better with the heat. This summer has been an exception with this lovely combination of Gomphrena "Fireworks" and Purple Coneflowers in one of the back borders.

I have planted Gomphrenas for several years now but last year was the first time I planted Coneflowers, they are considered perennials but in my climate zone I really didn't expect them to come back, so it was a nice surprise when they did. When I saw they were thriving I of course added more, hopefully next year they will increase and look even prettier.

I love the way that the little puffs of gomphrenas rise airily above the larger coneflowers, really complimenting each other. 


And now for a complete switch in topic. I have been looking for the perfect blush color for a long time and I finally have found it,  NARS powder blush Exibit A. It is so intense that is frankly scary at first glance and I never would have tried it if I hadn't read about it. (The sales clerk at Nordstom's couldn't believe I was buying it). The trick of using it is to pick up the smallest particles with a fan blush. Done this way it gives the most wonderful, natural, pink glow. I use so little that I fully expect this to last me forever.

I still haven't found a signature fragrance but now I do have the perfect blush.
Thank you for visiting I hope you have a colorful day filled with lots of pretty blooms.



  1. Those flowers are such a pretty combination and the blush does look very bright and intense in the picture but with your good taste I will take your word for it.. I wish you would show it on your pretty face!..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  2. Your garden looks just beautiful. I love my pink flowers, too. This year, sadly, I didn't do much gardening at all (we are moving). It is hard to believe that bright NARS just gives you a sweet blush. Love products like that! xo Diana

  3. The pink and white flowers together look pretty. Pink is not usually my first choice, but they're growing on me.

  4. I love pink flowers as well, and I also have purple coneflowers in my garden that I love. I probably don't water them enough so they are not quite as beautiful as they could be (not like yours). However, I will plant more since they are such low maintenance.


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