Thursday, March 19, 2020

At home - practicing self-distancing.

I have lived in my home far too many decades than I wish to admit to and I can never remember a time that I have appreciated it more than now. My home not only offers me a sanctuary and a place of peace but a way to spend the day - gardens in particular always need attention and now I certainly have the time to give it some much needed care.

Like the salvia pictured above this lovely Rose of Sharon is also putting on quite a show. You just can't spend time in a garden and not feel some sense of promise, even in times such as these.

Other than gardening there are a couple of other activities that I am currently enjoying. I always have
 a small jigsaw puzzle like the one below set out on a table, but I think that I am going to order a larger one to get me through the next few weeks. Amazon has some great ones. They are fun to do during that random moment of boredom. 


I ordered this French language series from The The Great Courses over a year ago and never got around to taking it out of the package. I have been studying french for quite a while and I think this
will be helpful in increasing my french language skills. Now I am kind of happy that I saved it. I also have a course on photography, but that will be for later. 

So between books, gardening, leaning new skills, and home projects (I am building a new gate) the days are going by quickly. I can only hope and pray that this  illness which is devastating the world will be over soon and we can go back to our normal activities without fear.

Meanwhile in the midst of lilac is blooming.

Peace, stay well and take care.

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  1. Our gardens are always a source of beauty and a much needed respite in these troubling times. I cannot work on puzzles because Chester the younger cat pushes all the pieces onto the floor! He thinks it’s a cat toy!
    Lilacs are heavenly blooms I love their fragrance!
    Stay safe Adrienne.

  2. My last cat, Mozart did the same thing as Chester but for some reason Miss Twiggley leaves the pieces alone. I also love crossword puzzles, and there are no pieces to keep track of. LOL

  3. Your beautiful home and garden must be such a wonderful solace to you. Looking so lovely. And what a pretty puzzle! The times are maybe a bit less trying for homebodies. Take care! J.

  4. Rose of Sharon is such a beautiful shrub. Growing up, mom had several growing in the yard. Lilac another favorite of mine too. I am doing about the same with the puzzles and now back to my paint by number. Hope you will show your gate when finished. I went to a vintage shop two months ago and purchased old tobacco sticks and was thinking about making a gate from them. The lady had the shop made one and looked pretty neat. It was just used as a lean to with flower display on it outside.
    We will get through this soon and things will be back to some normalcy I feel.
    Stay well and Happy Week end

  5. Adrienne, a garden such as yours would definitely be a solace to us all. We are thankful that you share your beautiful photographs with all of us. I, thankfully, am enjoying being home and can always find something to be occupied with. For how long, remains to be seen, but it is something that we need to do. Stay healthy and safe and keep showing us your beautiful garden, from one who only has one daffodil and a camellia bush..xxoJudy


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