Thursday, September 2, 2010

All Taped Up

The walls in the family room are all painted - love the colors: Behr's, Cornerstone and Sensible Hue. I am trying to include some additional architectural elements to this room and although it has nice crown molding I thought it needed a little something extra to bump in up a notch and give it a bit more heft. What did I turn to as a cheap and easy fix? One of my favorites: painters tape. I have had a love affair with painters tape for quite a while, using it along with a stencil on my workroom ceiling; in a metallic on my bathroom ceiling and combined with a stencil above the baseboards in my kitchen.

I used one inch tape, made for delicate surfaces; a template I made out of a paint mixing stick faciliated putting up the tape.

Then I applied two coats of the same high gloss enamel I used on the crown molding.

I love the fun of taking off the tape - but it does take a lot of tape (good thing it's cheap) and it makes a bit of a mess! Oh well.

Voila! I know this is extremely simple, but it is just the touch I wanted...and one you might never have though of. Do you like it? Next, the ceiling, I have some fun new ideas to try that should go well with this. Stay tuned...


  1. I really like it!! It just adds another bit of detail. Your photos look great too. The huge ball of tape is hysterical!

  2. Merci! Glad you like it! I think it adds that kind of detail that I enjoy in a room.

  3. Looks great!!!! I believe you about how fast the grands grow up... tate is growing up way to fast already. I wish he could be this age for a few years at least.

  4. Oh, here we go. I just love this treatment. Hey my grandson loves those tape balls. He thinks I make them just for him, bless his heart!

  5. this looks amazing! thanks for the inspiration. I am going to be adding crown moulding to my room soon! love this!


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