Saturday, September 18, 2010

Plaisirs Simples

One of my simple pleasures is to take an early walk in the garden usually after I have returned home from walking. I don't do it everyday, life is just too busy and sometimes I am anxious to get inside for a bite to eat and a cup of tea. But on mornings when I have a little extra time I wander the garden pathways - often pleased, and then other times disappointed, but always feeling fortunate...thinking: what can be improved; what do I like; which area is calling for attention...and of course trying desperately to ignore the weeds! On this morning I was pleased.

What is one of your simple pleasures?


  1. That looks like a photo from a magazine! Absolutely beautiful!

    A simple pleasure for me? The first thing that came to me is a small delicious piece of chocolate! :)

  2. taking pictures - I guess I need to shut down the computer & get myself out the door.
    another simple pleasure - early morning cup of tea, reading the paper, looking at my stack of magazines (I read & re-read them - meditative) and padding around in socks & pj's...
    ah! the simple pleasure of a lazy morning.

  3. Your yard looks so beautiful right now. Just caught up on your blog - you have been busy!!
    You really have a great blog - very interesting and exciting and also professional looking. Each time I check it there is something new and beautiful.

    Lately my simple pleasure is sitting down to the sewing machine and working on another quilt. Actually my most favorite simple pleasure is going to the yardage store and buying more lusious material full of color. I just keep dreaming about what can be next. Love from Dayna

  4. Good Morning Adrienne,
    I enjoy doing the same thing in my garden, usually before I walk the dogs. Of course they tag along with me, sniffing everything.
    I also just love to sit on my back porch, with a cold drink, cause it is quite hot here in GA, read a magazine and enjoy the afternoons. It is so relaxing for me.
    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.
    The Tattered Tassel

  5. Another simple pleasure for me....I love clean sheets! :)

  6. This picture is stunning! And yes, I love walking through my garden/yard as well - it certainly belongs to my morning routine and is something I simply need to do! There is always something new to discover and new ideas about what I want to do out there.

  7. In the morning, I grab a cup of tea (usually iced, as I am a Southerner) and spend about an hour planning my day, writing in my journal, and just collecting my thoughts. Evenings, my husband and I take our paseo, a custom we adopted from Spain, where we take a long, leisurely walk after dinner.

  8. Beautiful garden!! I just love to be with relaxing and rejuvenating!

  9. Wow, your garden is beautiful! I love it!!!! A simple thing I like to do ... hummmmm, I will have to give this some thought. Thanks

  10. I thought of some, I like to cut my flowers bring them inside, I like to share cookies with tate, I like to go dog walking with my sisters, neices, daughters and mom , we have quite the pack. Thanks for making me think...


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