Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Falling into Temptation

Going into Marshall's is always a dangerous thing to do, especially my local store since along with all the other fun stuff, it is one of their supper, shoe stores. But last week before going into the Trader Joe's next door (also a dangerous place) I thought I would pop in and see if there was anything new. Bad idea! I saw these shoes and everything else fell away in a mist. I didn't need them and I actually walked out the store telling myself that - but I quickly fell into temptation and walked right back in a bought them. I mean really, could you resist...they are so cute!

What kind of temptation have you fallen into recently?


  1. Shoes are always dangerous!!
    For me it's paper and books.

  2. Cute shoes! I wish we had a super Marshalls close to us. Although TJ Maxx has lots of temptations too! :)

  3. La Vie - your recent posts are amazing! i've been busy entertaining & haven't had a chance to browse my favorite sites.
    temptation for me = spending time reading blog posts & bookmarking new sites to visit... i'm wondering how i will find "time" to work! ha!

  4. I love these shoes! Alas, shoes are my weakness. As is Marc Jacobs.

  5. Oh, they are sooo cute! I can see why they created such temptation for you.

    Marshall's always has too many temptations...in every department. My biggest temptation there was in their china department back in February. I ended up purchasing some of their china for a Valentine's tablescape. You can see it here:

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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