Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I got what I thought was a bright idea...that it might be fun in my pottery class to make a ceramic rooster frieze to put along the  molding of the hood in the kitchen. I have been wanting to add something to make it more interesting and finding just the right thing has proved very illusive. Well, this didn't work either, but they do look quite cute marching along the backsplash. I made eight of them, but only used six. I wanted a  rustic provincial look, because they were made individually each one is a tad different, but I think they add a bit of charm and fun! You can't see it in these pictures but the wallpaper on the back of the glass fronted cabinets is a chicken toile pattern, so these little guys should feel right at home. Cock-a -doodle-do!

In case you are wondering how I attached them to the stainless steel...I Velcro-ed them on! A suggestion from my very bright and artistic sister. Oh! if you have noticed, yes I do have mirrors installed between the marble and the underside of the cabinets, I love them, they expand the space, add light, a bit of glamour, and are easy to maintain.

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  1. Adrienne these are absolutely adorable, they are the perfect addition to your space. The pop of white against the stainless looks great. I love the mirror black splash. I actually thought about doing that ,but could not do it because it doubled what was on my counter and I am so quirky about what is on my counter and seeing double of what was there drove me bats. I was sad though because I think it is such a great look and unusual!! Love your little roosters, Great job,Kathysue

  2. How very imaginative of you, my dear! You have every right to crow over your accomplishments. ;)

  3. Hello Adrienne:
    What a fun idea. Your chain of cockerels looks quite at home where you have placed them and they reflect so well both the style and motifs on other items of kitchenware on display around the cooker. We are sure that they bring a happy smile to your face every time you see them.

  4. Very very clever. I especially love that you used velco to attach your sweet little roosters. Brilliant!

  5. Love this idea! You made them?? They are so adorable look fabulous marching along there!

    Just so perfect!

    Lou Cinda

  6. Very, very pretty! I know my mom would like it! She has her very own chicken collection, but in a more farm/country way (lots of red and yellow!), not as elegant and fancy as yours. Bright idea indeed Adrienne!
    have a lovely day!

  7. I love this idea could sell these!
    The white would be my choice too.

    The mirrors are great...they might require a daily clean if you are anything like me when prepping food!

  8. It looks like something out of a magazine! Great job.

    I adore your kitchen. It's just gorgeous.

  9. Perfect idea for the space. Loving the rosters on parade. They look happy dancing for their supper.Kathy

  10. Oh they look so cute in there,
    like marching roosters or something ♥

    I love roosters in my kitchen,
    I have them in many different kinds,
    in mugs, pitchers, and plates...and yes decors too:)

  11. Clever and cute! Love the way they look lined up against the stainless.

  12. You are so creative. They look wonderful!

  13. Adrienne, these are a delightful touch. You are a clever lady. Love the white hen on nest and the covered dish. ~ sarah

  14. Love them all lined up in their little row ... perfect!!

    Thank you for sharing at Viola!


  15. Adrienne -- This is the most beautiful site in the world, and how amazing that you mastered all the technology necessary to share it with us.

    I'd like to interview you for my own site when you get back, and put up some links and pictures. Given the usual content of my site, it'll be a vast improvement.

    Mun just reminded me that my mother loved roosters, too -- put them everywhere,

  16. You are so clever, Adrienne! I love the way the little roosters strut across your backsplash. They add a very stylish, yet whimsical touch.

    And this is the first time I've seen your new blog banner. Oh, my!!! It's absolutely stunning! The middle image looks like a still-life painting from a master - really beautiful!

    Thanks for joining TTT each week. It gives me a good excuse to come visit regularly. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  17. You are just one talented and clever lady! The roosters are such a great touch of interest and whimsy.

    Have a great weekend in your beautiful gardens!

  18. Love that! Your kitchen is beautiful.

  19. Very cute roosters. They look so nice here. The tureen/covered dish is wonderful. Thanks for linking this up to HSH!


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