Saturday, June 11, 2011

Une Robe Et Un Voyage

I am going on a trip next week and I needed a new dress to take, something that would look a bit nicer than pants to wear to museums, shopping and out to eat. I wanted it to be in a wrinkle free, light weight fabric, comfortable to wear, and in a style that was easy to make          

                                     I found this jersey print....perfect! I loved the design, weight, and color.

I had this classic Vogue dress pattern, I decided to make version C, I already have the sleeveless V-necked version in black knit to take.

...and, I  have this cute little necklace I bought from a shop on Etsy

Voila! Exactly what I wanted.

Where am I going you might ask. I will give you a few hints: it is a place with lots of museums, good food and wine, fashion, lots of interesting history and tons of charm...oh, it is also known for it's tower. Have you guessed...

                                            ...Je vais en France bien sûr, avec ma petite-fille!

                         I am going to France of course, with my granddaughter! We are both very excited.


  1. I love this post! You are a living doll who knows how to bring into existence that of which she dreams rather than waiting for it to pop out of nowhere.

    Really enjoyed the quirky loveliness of this read. :)

  2. Hello Adrienne:
    The dress is lovely, and perfect for Paris. How very excited you must be about your forthcoming trip and we do so hope, as we are certain that you will, that you have the most wonderful time.

    Bon voyage!

  3. Your dress looks just lovely on you and will be perfect for your upcoming trip! The necklace is just perfect too.

  4. Cara Adrienne ..come sempre ottimo gusto, stai benissimo con il tuo vestito... da fare invidia alle più rinomate maison francesi.ti auguro un buon viaggio, divertiti. Un bacio Ornella

  5. Oh Adrienne that is so exciting. i have a friend that is has been there all this week with her grandson. A trip of a lifetime. You look very fashionable and comfortable with your hat and sunglasses. Enjoy your time in France. I am going next Spring or fall and I can not wait, I have never been. It will be fun to hear all about your trip, Kathysue

  6. The trip sounds lovely Adrienne! I am looking forward to hearing about it.

    Your dress is beautiful!

  7. Have a wonderful time. You look gorgeous in that dress and hat!

  8. How fabulous. You look great and have a wonderful time with your granddaughter.

  9. pretty, pretty!
    John & I are excited to hear about your adventures. We'll have to set a "tea-time" when we are down in So California.
    Enjoy your time with Zoe.

  10. Oh, could I go with you? In your suitcase? Have a wonderful time, my friend. You are going to the land where our name originated! Can't wait to hear all about it. I love your new dress - it's just perfect!

  11. Adrienne...
    you look so happy!

    Have a fabulous time and savour every moment!

  12. Bienvenue en France chère Adrienne!!! You look so pretty this dress, une très chic Parisienne!!!Have a very nice time.
    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  13. How exciting, Adrienne! Your trip sounds wonderful. Your dress is lovely and so are you!


  14. Smashing! Love your new dress!

  15. Brilliant work on your dress and the necklace is the perfect touch. Have a beautiful trip.

  16. Trés chic, Adrienne! You look fabulous in your trendy new dress. Not only is it very pretty, but it looks so comfy, as well.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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