Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peach Jam ~

This spring I shared pictures with you of my peach tree in full bloom.

This peach tree is a variety breed to produce fruit in warmer climates. Last year I didn't have very many peaches, but this year ~ wow! The tree was covered. All of those pretty pink blossoms turned into these:

I have been eating lots of peaches and giving lots away, but they don't last very long and before they  disapear...

...I think it would be nice to make some jam.

This little jam pot is Americana, by Fostoria ~ one of my favorite crystal patterns.

I picked up this recipe book at the library book shop for $1.00.

Don't you think this will be yummy on my morning toast?

And now because she is just too cute...a Miss Twiggley moment. She doesn't like jam, but she really likes to play!

Thank you for visiting. I hope your day is full of sweet things and play.


  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMM I just love the taste and smell of peach - cobbler, jam, fruit, tea, candles....peach jam sounds so good right now.

    Wish I had some!!

  2. Your beautiful peach blossoms turned into some beautiful peaches. I love the photo of the basket of peaches and flowers. The jam looks wonderful in your jam pot.
    Little Miss Twiggley is darling.

  3. Ciao cara,
    bellissimi i tuoi fiori,anche le pesche!!
    Buona giornata!!
    Un bacio

  4. Home grown peaches made into jam would taste delicious and so satisfying...
    Isn't Miss Twiggley just adorable.?
    She's very photogenic!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous and I love peach jam...especially from homegrown peaches!

  6. As one who has had the opportunity to taste your peaches, I must say that the fruit is quite delicious. I bought some peaches at the market, and they didn't compare!

    That photo of Miss Twiggley is absolutely precious. She could definitely star in her own calendar!

  7. those are truly beautiful peaches.... John has been so busy that he hasn't made any jam but strawberry! I must show him this blog post when he returns from his training in No Calif. He would be drooling at having a basket of peaches for jam.

  8. Wow the peaches are beautiful and yum yum yum to peach jam!! I think I will need to make some jam as well in the future~ Oh your kitty is so cute ~beautiful over here as always Love Heather

  9. oh I've missed a number of posts, peaches and a new cat. I'll take the peaches as I'm allergic to cats. Will you really make jam? I hope so, and send some my way please.

  10. Your basket of peaches and jam look just delicious.I bet it would be lovely on toast. The pictures are just terrific too!

  11. Lucky you! Having such an abundance of peaches is a special treat. Beautiful post, Adrienne!


  12. Your pictures are so pretty, how lucky to have a peach tree right at your finger tips Adrienne.
    Your jam looks mighty inviting.
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  13. Oh I love peach jam. Lucky you to have so many peaches! Your photos are lovely. And little Miss Twiggley is lovely too.


  14. Oh, you basket of gorgeous peaches and jam looks delicious! Your pictures are always so pretty!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  15. Yummmm! This looks delicious! I'm so glad that I found your site... would love for you to share this and some of your other great posts with my readers at my linky party....

    Your newest follower,

  16. BBEEEEEEEEEutiful peaches..Re those photos-I have 4 words: PRINT, MATT, FRAME & HANG..
    am following..thanks for joining us.

  17. Those are the most perfect peaches I've ever seen! The jam looks delicious and especially beautiful in that gorgeous jam pot. Miss Twiggly has stolen my heart! what a precious little thing she is. Thanks for visiting!

  18. I envy you for those yummy looking peaches! I love peaches, especially when they're sweet and so juicy that the fruit juice runs down your arm while you eat the peach and you get all sticky. No, I don't like the sticky part, but those are the tastiest peaches. Your photos are gorgeous, wonderfully styled and taken in great light!


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