Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Because She's so Cute ~

I don't know how they do it, but cats seem to pick places to be where they looks their absolute best. After bouncing around chasing ping pond balls,  playing chase, and getting into mischief, Miss Twiggley loves to rest in this Moroccan dish on the coffee table in the family room where the colors complement her perfectly.

I love how she crosses her little paws, Mozart did that too

We took a trip to the veterinarian yesterday where she is a big hit ~ she spent most of the exam trying to play with the doctor's stethoscope. She got her shots... poor baby, and was weighed ~ at 12 weeks she hit the scale at 2.7 pounds, I think she is going to be a dainty little miss.

Miss Twiggley and I thank you for visiting ~ Have a happy day!


  1. Hi Adrienne,
    Oh my goodness, she is so sweet! What a precious photo of her too. I had a furbaby that looked very much like her when I was a little girl. Her name was Twinkle. Thanks for sharing her with us.


  2. She is just adorable. This looks like one of those glamour shots! LOL
    She is going to be one pampered pet (as well she should!)

  3. Hi Adrienne! Oh, little Miss Twiggley is just the most beautiful little thing! She is definitely posing and I hate to tell you this but I think she is on her way to being a Diva! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. She's adorable...
    I do love cats and kittens.

    I think you've made a great choice Adrienne.

  5. She is just so cute.

    Romeo my handsome boy kitty sez 'Meow! Yes, she is! Meow!"

  6. She is just precious and quite the model. I'm so glad you have a furbaby to spoil.

  7. Gracious she's cute! I had a Himalayan a few years back - she was a Valentine's gift so I named her Valentine. She was my cat - she didn't like anyone else. Miss her much!
    Hope you have a blessed day,

  8. Of course, Miss Twiggley looks precious everywhere, but the morrocan bowl does compliment her beautiful coloring! I love her trademark crossing of the paws too!

  9. Complimenti alla tua graziosa gatta!!
    E' un amore ed è anche una modella!!

  10. She is just the cutest I want to squeeze her and hug her! I love cats German Shepherd is not kitty friendly so unfortunately I can't have one....just adorable! Love Heather

  11. Out of all my cats, only the tricolour one, Erin, ever crosses her paws.
    Kills me on the spot every time.
    A life without cats just isn't a life, right?

  12. Oh my heavens, that baby is just THE cutest thing i have ever seen! Adorable! Is she a teacup kitty? So tiny!

    Have a lovely weekend, Adrienne!

  13. Oh my gosh HOW CUTE!!!!!! And your photo of her is stunning! I have to pin this on Pinterest! I can see how she would be such a hit at the vet. Thank you for sharing her. xo

  14. Sweetest picture ever. No wonder she was hit. I'd like to pin this to Pinterest directly from your site as well! Hope that's okay! have a great weekend. I am happy to be a new follower!

  15. What a little darling! I'll bet she is enchanting.

  16. Oh my goodness, she's absolutely adorable. Look at her cute little face!

  17. She is perfect in that dish. ... and I have a feeling who the boss is in your house!

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... she is most definitely going to be a Model! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. She's soooo cute! She almost looks like a toy!

  20. She is not only cute ... She is a very, very, very ... girl sweet pussy. She has a little face ... so lovely … ^^


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