Thursday, July 26, 2012

Le Marché ~

With a playful kitten scampering on every far the list of broken objects has been limited to one tea cup...

I thought it would be prudent for a while not to put out any fragile or valuable things on my shelf under the kitchen window ~ It is too easily reached.

So I gathered together some faux fruits and vegetables, baskets, and a little lace of course, and created a little market stall...le marché.

There is nothing here that can be broken or ruined by falling on the tile floor. 

And it is kind of a fun summer addition to the kitchen.

The funny thing is, is that now that I have temporarily taken away all the the breakables from her reach, Miss Twiggley hasn't shown the slightest interest in visiting this space again!

Kittens! Go figure.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Kitties are funny. I have an elderly cat who still thinks it's okay to walk around on tables and counters. For some, that curiosity never goes away.

    What a lovely setting you have made - very summery. Makes me hungry for fresh fruit and vegetables!

  2. What a pretty spot you've created. My kittens would definitely be up there...they chase each other around like crazy! I think you need to take more photos of your kitty so we can gaze at its adorable self :)

  3. Oh I so get this post Adrienne!
    Our little Chester is into everything and has been bending the arms of my kitchen clock and I will need to replace them sometime soon.
    I do love the purring and the snuggles.

    Happy days to you.

  4. Beautiful vignette in your window! I remember those kitten days. Soon she'll be grown and do nothing but sleep all day. :-)

  5. Just like children, who will not be bothered with you until you are on the phone!.....

  6. Hello Adrienne,

    I am back! I had a lot to catch up on your blog! What a LOVELY cat ! But for sure you will have to be careful with your decorations. Catherine

  7. Such a lovely vignette. I can totally understand kitten-proofing. Our Luna baby is still so very very curious.

  8. What if you put up signs with the prices of the faux fruit--certainly once your kitten saw their value, she would have to investigate. And your friends would whip out their pocketbooks and start shopping!

  9. Hello Adrienne:
    Kittens and cats are quite beyond one's understanding in our view. Just as now your kitten is not at all interested in what you have on the shelf, cats always seem most attracted to those people who do not really like them!!!Still, we are sure that you will have had fun assembling your market stall and it looks so pretty.

  10. Go figure indeed!! I think it looks amaze me with your decorating talent!!

  11. Twiggley knows you're a big meanie head who removed all her shinies that make loud noises! The cat proof display is quite lovely, but I think now you have your own Feline Overlord...and we're quite taken with her.

    1. Feline Overlord is right! They always seem to manage to get their own way.

  12. I got to see this display up close and personal, and I really like it! It reminds me of a vegetable/fruit stand in France! :)

  13. That is so funny, my fur baby is lying on the bed next to me purring right now. We do let them kinda rule the roost, but they are so darn sweet!
    I love the french market window, and the fruit doesn't spoil!

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  15. Now if my dogs were eying such a faux display, they might be tempted to put paws up and grab a snack, or failing that, at least a chew toy. Cats are so much more civilized! You wouldn't catch them chewing on a faux-apple.
    All joking aside, this is a really pretty display. The baskets and lace are the perfect things to create that French country cottage feel.

  16. What a beautiful spot and you've arranged it so nicely. I don't have kitties but I can sure see some lounging on your pretty ledge and playing with all the lace. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Hi Adrienne,

    Oh I love those little baskets filled with veggies and what not! It so reminds me of my mother's kitchen. My father grew pretty much all of our produce in the garden, so she used to send me off before supper (to the garden) with a basket so that my dad could fill it up with what she needed for dinner. :) Anyway, I've always admired your home and garden - it is all quite lovely!


    P.S. Glad to hear things are "breaking" so far! :) Kitties can be so mischievous at times! lol

  18. It looks so very pretty and the fruits looks real!

  19. Oh I just love your impromptu marche!!! very pretty! I also love your cafe curtains and clock - I really want a clock like yours - it's on my 'list'!!!


    ps - thank you so much for all your lovely comments - my blogging activities should return to noraml soon so will catch up with your lovely blog and all the rest of your posts very soon!!!

  20. Beautiful table and curtains. Great clock.


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