Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plairirs Simples ~

Fostoria's American glassware pattern is an old one. first produced in 1917. Although it is glass and not crystal the faceted surface gives off a wonderful rich gleam, but unlike crystal it is sturdy enough for everyday use.

I have been a fan of this pattern for a long time, but never got around to acquiring any...always thinking, maybe some day. Meanwhile it has become harder and harder to find.

 So when I decided to slowly replace my everyday glasses with it you can imagine how excited I was when my wonderful brother gifted me with these:

 six stemmed sherbet glasses and six footed tumblers!

Aren't the pretty?  They look great in the kitchen cabinets.

Hopefully, I will eventually be able to get the juice glasses and the tall tumblers. It is fun to have a new collection under way and...  

...not only are they pretty, but  useful as well. I guess I am a real push-over for anything shiny. How about you?
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  1. What a generous brother you have. It's fun to share! So very pretty.

  2. Sherbet glasses? I drink champagne from them. I have some Harcourt champagne coupes and I like using them as often as possible.

    I'm sure you know about and I hope you're scouring eBay too--you deserve the full set. I have a price limit in my mind for each piece of Baccarat that I buy, I bid that price and if I win it, I'm happy. If I don't win it, no money lost.

    1. Champagne...what a great idea and a wonderful excuse to buy some.(-:

  3. Those are such pretty glasses, Adrienne!
    I see them when I am out from time to time.
    Now I will think of you when I see them!

    I love shiny silver.... it has never been
    out of style with me.
    Tarnished or not... love it all!


  4. Wow beautiful and what a sweet brother you have ~Love Heather

  5. They are very pretty! I love the way they feel in your hand. Such a nice brother...Mimi

  6. I love this...your glassware, your photos, and your kind brother! Beautiful as always Adrienne. ♥

  7. They are very pretty and the way they reflect the light is a bonus.
    What a thoughtful gift from your brother.

  8. Your Fostoria is not only beautiful, it is photographed beautifully.

    Love your header!

  9. Your fall pages are so beautiful Adrienne! The colors seem perfect for you. Love your new glasswware. I love this pattern too! I have three or four stems of the tall tumblers. I've never seen your short ones. You have photographed them wonderfully!

  10. I LOVE your new glasses! I have quite a few pieces of American that belonged to my grandmother. I don't have them where I can use them very often but need to get my project china cabinet done so I can display and use them often. Your pieces are wonderful - now I need to find some to add to my collection!

  11. What a nice brother you have! And a wonderful way to start a new collection.
    I love the Schott Zwiesel stemware as our wine, water and juice glasses. Over the years I have come to appreciate the beautiful simplicity and high quality of these German glasses.

  12. What a wonderful brother! Love your new glasses.



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