Thursday, October 25, 2012

Witches and Wreaths ~

 One of my favorite children's books is, Old Black Witch. I read it to my children when they were little and then when I was teaching, I read it to scores of first and second graders. It's just such a cute Halloween story! So, a few years ago when I saw this little witch, who was almost a perfect replica of the heroine in the story...well, I had to bring her home.

 This year I decided to put her on the shelf under the big window in the library-media room, I needed a little something to complete the vignette so I put together a new fall wreath.

I love making wreaths because the are so darn easy. And this one was very inexpensive: two garlands on sale for 50% off at Micheal's and a grapevine form that I bought with a 40% off coupon. It looked so pretty that I didn't need to add anything more and the colors go great in this room.

Miss Twiggley decided to come, investigate and spend a little time playing with the bells on the witch's toes. She was very good though and didn't knock anything awry.

After Halloween I will put my little witch away, but the wreath can stay until Thanksgiving.

I think my little witch likes it here, but who knows maybe next year she would like to visit another room.

Wishing you all a fun, and not too scary Halloween.


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  1. oh I love a scary Halloween, as I've written about before.

    I do not know this book though, and I used to work in the public library--I knew all the children's books. I'll go peruse it in the bookstore maybe.

  2. I read that book over and over again to my children and also my fourth grade class. I have three copies of that well worn book and I treasure them!
    Smiles, Dottie

  3. I think I need to find that book! I can't believe we don't own this book. Such a sweet picture of your kitten and your witch. Halloween hugs!

  4. what a festive vignette... truly looks like Halloween has arrived at your place!

  5. Oh your kitten has such wonderful markings!
    She's lovely.

  6. Hello Adrienne:
    Miss Twiggley is the perfect [no pun intended] match for your vignette which brings together all of those wonderfully rich, burnished colours of autumn. We are always filled with admiration at your very real decorative skills, Adrienne.

  7. Such a fun vignette :) I just made a wreath with my daughter from willow - it's not perfect but now holds memories. I love how you gussied up yours!

  8. Love your fall wreath and your little witch is cute. They make a lovely combination. Looks like you're set for Halloween.

  9. Such a BOOtiful arrangement. The little witch is just adorable! Thanks for your visit, happy to have found your delightful blog. I'm your newest follower.
    Happy Halloween!

  10. Michaels is one of my favourite stores. I always come away a lot poorer, even with using coupons. I really like how your wreath turned out.
    I am not familiar with this particular children's book. As an artist, I love vintage kids books and vow to start a collection one day for my grandkids. I will have to keep an eye out for this one. Your little witch is very cute. Enjoy your Halloween!

  11. Love the Autumn definitely have a gift! Miss Twiggly is adorable! How old is she?

  12. Your little witch is so cute, as is the adorable Miss Twiggly! Happy Halloween. ♥ ~Rhonda

  13. I don't remember ever reading that book, but one of my childhood favorites was "The Witches Buttons". A few years ago I found a used copy online and it was such a joy to read it again. Your photos made me feel very cozy and your kitty is so adorable!


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