Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Touch of Elegance in the Kitchen ~

I love crystal, and particularly crystal candlesticks. When the sun shines through them they are magical.

One of the ways that I think they are the most effective is to group them. Here in my kitchen I have gathered together a few: some odd ones I couldn't resist at Marshall's and the others ones that I have had for a long time.

Now some people might think that crystal candlesticks don't belong in the kitchen, but I love the way that they look on the marble...

adding just a touch of elegance along with the cookware.

 An odd pairing maybe, but I love it!

Incidentally, my Father made the beautiful Lazy Susan that you see in the previous photo. It was hidden in a corner of the barn for decades when I found it one day. I have since refinished it, it is a perfect place to keep frequently used utensils.
Thank you for visiting ~ have a happy day!

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  1. Hello Adrienne:
    We are completely at one with you over this. Your crystal candlesticks look perfect in the setting of your kitchen and complement so well the gleaming saucepans which hang above them. We love this idea of adding a touch of magical fantasy, as they do, into a what is, after all, a working environment. And how the reflected light must lift your heart even on a dull day.

    As for the Lazy Susan, we are ashamed to say that we covet it!!!

  2. I sure love that sparkle on the crystal candlesticks.. it makes, everything look more vibrant. The kitchen needs a bit of sparkle too. It looks great...

  3. A very nice collection. I hope you light at least one candle every evening in your kitchen, just to give it a glow.

    And I was wondering what your big barrel of kitchen utensils was sitting on--now I know. Great use of the lazy susan.

    Happy Cooking!

  4. Every thing looks so lovely...I was admiring that lazy Susan...what a great piece!

  5. Gorgeous kitchen. Love the crystal with the contrast of your beautiful pots. You always have the loveliest vignettes.

  6. Oh I had no idea how lovely your kitchen was and I love the pots above and the crystal adds elegance...
    you must be very happy cooking in this wonderful space.

  7. Hi Adrienne,
    I love crystal anywhere, including in the kitchen. I love the sparkle and the elegance it adds to a room. Your post is lovely. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and have a wonderful weekend.


  8. Why not have a bit of elegance in your kitchen? Loved seeing yours. What a treasure to have your father's handiwork and use it often!

  9. I love the look of crystal, and yours looks beautiful in the kitchen!

  10. Those crystal candlesticks really do look pretty. The contrast with the hanging pots is just wonderful!

  11. I think a little sparkle in the kitchen at this dull time of year is a good thing. The lazy Susan is a great idea - and how lovely to have what is sure to become an heirloom.

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  13. I completely agree with you...crystal if perfect anywhere, any time. And I too, love the mix of the hard metals, wood, marble, AND fragile, breakable crystal that reflects light so beautiful. Yours is lovely. Oh, and that lazy susan - What a precious gift to have in your possession! ~Zuni

  14. How lovely they are on the bench top. I collect them too,but never thought to use them this way. Lovely kitchen. :)

  15. Lovely collection & I think very nice in the kitchen:-) I am a wee bit envious you still have roses;-) I'll check out the Antique Rose Emporium, thanks!


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