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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anyone For Tea ~

My brother gives me the best gifts, I don't know how he finds these things but they are always wonderful and exactly what I want...even if I don't know I want it.

For Christmas this year he gave me this quaint and adorable tea set, the pattern is Briar Rose by Copeland.

I have never come across this pattern before, but the decoration and the design is so evocative of the early part of the last century ~ and that is indeed when it was first produced but has long been discontinued.

There are: four dessert plates, four cups and saucers, a creamer, sugar bowl, and the enchanting teapot.

Right now I have it all on display in a corner of my kitchen but I am thinking of trying to find four dinner plates and using it for luncheons. If not it will mix in quite well with my other white dishes.
It is so very elegant that it makes me feel elegant too! It looks exactly like something that Mapp and Lucia, from E F Benson's books and BBC series, would use to have tea at Tilling-on-Sea.

In the spirit of English china...Ta ta for today! Anyone for tea?
~ Thank you John ~


  1. What a cheerful rose pattern and tea is such a wonderful excuse for getting friends together. Sounds like there might be an afternoon of chatting and laughter in your home soon....oh and of course some hot tea brewing in the pot!

  2. Your brother has fantastic taste. What a gorgeous pattern. You are lucky sister. Cheers!

  3. I am jealous. The tea set looks quite pretty sitting in your kitchen corner.

  4. What a lovely pattern! You have one smart brother! Beautifully displayed!

  5. Brothers are so wonderful I have five!!!
    Smiles, Dottie

  6. I want some tea, Please! Thank you for sharing with us your adorable tea set! Enjoy it!

  7. Oh what a sweet brother you have Adrienne, that tea set is just stunning enjoy it ~Love Heather

  8. What a wonderful brother you have! That is one of the prettiest patterns I have ever seen. I have only seen it once before. So fine! I hope you keep it where you can admire it a lot. I suddenly feel like having a luncheon too!

  9. What a lovely gift! The floral pattern is very pretty. It's great that the cups are not so fussy and precious that you would be afraid to use them. (I have some old teacups from my Mom. The handles are so fine they are awkward to hold. I am always afraid they'll break). I also love the little stand for the teacups. What a nice way to display them!

  10. Good morning Adrienne... and thank you so much for visiting me at my blog today... I do believe you and I met once before at one of Tracie's Garden Parties... your china is just lovely!... how sweet of your brother to pick something so perfect for you!... wishing you a most blissful day enjoying your tea, xoxo Julie Marie

  11. I just enjoyed your blog posts and what a glorious teaset you received!


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