Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Roses, Roses, Roses ~

January for me after the post holiday malaise is over means: Roses ! 

The not so fun part is pruning all of my roses, but the second part, or the fun part, is selecting new roses to add to my garden. In recent years I haven't put in many new bushes but this year I have some  space, after having taken out what I determined were useless shrubs that were supposed to make gardening easier but instead required a lot of work and didn't provide the beauty of...what else a rose bush.

So I am in my glory trying to decide amongst all of the hundreds of selections just what to plant. My favorite source for purchasing roses is The Antique Rose Emporium, their roses are grown on their own roots, something I consider very important and the plants come potted up, well packed, and sturdy.

They also offer a nice collection of old varities of tea roses, which do very well in my climate. The roses you see here however are the last of the roses on my bush of Mary rose, a wonderful David Austin rose. Our colder days have made it much darker in color than it usually is. 

Although my list is not complete, so far I have decided that I need the David Austin rose, Abraham Darby rose to replace the one I was forced to take out several years ago, Climbing Pinkie a florifous climber that is seldom without bloom to wind around my back deck; two Pink Rosettes, another Marie Van Houtte, another Hermosa...and, well there just might be a few more!

Rose fever seems to have struck!


  1. We currently have 12 inches of snow on the ground and it's been single digit temperatures. Dreaming of roses seems absolutely heavenly right now.

  2. Hello Adrienne:
    The old fashioned roses are so wonderful in a garden as they reward one with the most glorious of flowers ,heavily scented and have such pretty forms. They combine with other flowers wonderfully well and do, when kept in good shape, keep flowering for years.

    We know that you would love to see the David Austin Nursery in person.When we lived in Herefordshire we visited it quite often. It is truly amazing when the Roses are at their peak.

    1. I was lucky enough to visit his nursery a few years ago and you are right ~ it was wonderful!

  3. Yes, it is time to prune the roses. I noticed mine the other day and I must get outside - in the rain and cold - and get it done. I can't wait to see your new roses later this year. We have a wonderful heirloom rose company nearby. Would you believe I've never been out there to see their display gardens? That's on my list to do this year!

  4. What a lovely post - reminding me of summer!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Ah we rosarians are on the same wave length as I recently posted on roses and am eagerly awaiting the David Austin catalogue so that I may choose one or two new specimens! Abraham Darby is a great try Jude the Obscure though it is heavenly!
    Don't forget to sharpen your secateurs!

  6. Such beautiful, happy colors--just the thing to brighten a January day! Thank you!

  7. I love roses, and your vignette is quite lovely.

  8. Some people say that roses are too much trouble but I say they're worth it! Thankyou for the info on where to find quality roses. David Austen's are my favorite. Mimi

  9. ohhh... John planted seven new bare root roses! the ones he removed had the roots eaten by gophers! do you go for fragrant roses?

  10. How wonderful it must be to in garden planning mode. It's far too cold and wintery here for my brain to be even going that direction. Those pink roses in your photos are so gorgeous!

  11. Your roses and rose teapot is lovely. Beautiful vignette! We just had a snow storm and it's so cold here. Dreaming of summer and my rose gardens. Happy Pink Saturday! Enjoy!

  12. I really enjoyed your Pink Saturday post this week!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    I'm hosting a PINK THEMED giveaway, and I would love it if you stopped by and entered your comment for a chance to win some handmade items.
    Hope to see you there!

    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  13. Oh, I am with you! I've been thinking about the same thing and planning new ones for the garden. Your photos are lovely!

  14. Beautiful roses! Last season was my first ever for paying attention to the roses. So rewarding!

  15. What a lovely post about your roses! Your vignettes and teapots are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.



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