Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eden ~ A Touch of Paradise

The roses have been particularly splendid this year, I don't know why, we didn't get any extra rain; perhaps it is because the winter here was so mild. 
One of the most spectacular and charming climbing roses in my garden is Climbing Eden: most aptly named for this beautiful rose is exactly what you would expect to find in paradise.
Eden is a french rose hybridized by Meilland and does extremely well in warmer climates. Although a robust climber it is restrained in growth and doesn't intrude as so many climbing roses do.  The flowers are amazing ~ multi-petaled, with a slight variation in color, globular in shape and sweet smelling. Stylistically, they fit in perfectly with David Austin and antique roses.

I am making plans to replant a large border adjacent to my deck that is currently being rebuilt and I think including another Eden to clamber over the railing is a must. What do you think...isn't she gorgeous?

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a rosy day.
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  1. Eden is my best performer, as well. Love your photos!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I can just imagine the perfume!

  3. A photoshoot worthy of romantic homes magazine. Such gorgeous blooms. You are such a talented gardener and photographer.

  4. Oh I think that climber is gorgeous! Such a bounty of blooms!
    You certainly have a gift when it comes to gardening and photography

  5. I have three Eden's and one red Eden rose. I love them so much. My bush by the drive way is full of blooms and the red one on the other side of drive way is also as full. The other 2 aren't as big. I fell in love with the Eden bush and just had to have them.
    Many thanks for sharing this post - the pictures are truly beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. The most beautiful roses! Thanks for sharing.


  7. The roses in my neighborhood are very beautiful as well. I was wondering whether this is a special roses year as they are so tremendously beautiful.

  8. Oh this is beautiful... climbing roses don't do well here with our cold winters and others things such as winter sun and wind which may not be to their liking... yours is just outstanding! Larry


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