Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pretty Soon Tomatoes!

My potager is limited to two 4x8 foot raised beds and several large pots ~ I find that this is large enough for my needs. It is located in a reclaimed area that used to be a horse stable. This year I have planted Japanese eggplants, a couple of different types of squash, strawberries, bush beans, and several kinds of tomatoes. I also tucked in some annual herbs and sunflower seeds.
I grow the tomatoes in the pots so that I can use fresh soil...tomatoes don't like to be grown in the same location year after year.
And today, I noticed tiny little tomatoes on some of the vines ~ hooray!
The scarecrow sends his hellos, poor thing his head is an upturned pot and he has stick arms...but at least this year he is sporting a new shirt!
If you really want to see an elegant scarecrow visit Dottie at:, her Miss Addie is adorable.
Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a bountiful day.


  1. You know how much I love vegetable gardens and scarecrows! Yours are just wonderful.

    Smiles, Dottie

  2. Raised beds are fabulous for vegetables. I love your charming scarecrow. Seriously I think it's whimsical and fun. I wish I had thought of that idea.
    Perhaps I will try to make one. Any hints on the basic construction?

    1. ...very simple, mine is just two sticks nailed together ~

  3. Congrats on your baby tomatoes! Or as we say in Georgia "mators"! I check mine everyday with fingers crossed :-)

  4. Your scarecrow is so cute and your garden is divine! I could never doubt that you wouldn't be able to grow tomatoes! Now, me...that's a different story. I've not had much luck even growing them in the upside down bags.
    The roses in your header are stunning Adrienne!! Have a super weekend. Hugs ~ Rhonda ♥

  5. Your scarecrow is fabulous. We still haven't done a thing to prepare our vegetable garden. It might not happen this year. The mosquitoes and wildlife are so naughty in our woods. I'll be living through your gardening adventures! Keep taking pictures!

  6. Ohh looks so nice I hope you get lots of veggies Love Heather

  7. Adrienne, you potager looks very productive. Nothing better that fresh, home-grown veggies..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. Oh I love your scarecrow! Your garden is growing so awesome and to think you will be enjoying some home grown vegetables soon! I think you are so lucky to live where you live. When I think of all the things I could grow if I lived there...
    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. I love that scarecrow too!
    After reading your last post I am determined to have zinnias this year. After reading this post I am envying you the early tomatoes!

  10. We have just planted our tomatoes! We should harvest in Aug or Sept. Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers. I think I'll try planting their seeds next year. Mimi

  11. Your garden is wonderful - and I love your scarecrow! Our tomatoes are teeny, tiny and very green. I can't wait for them to be the size of yours, my friend. Thank you for sharing Miss Dottie's beautiful scarecrow.

  12. I love your scarecrow. My space for veggies sounds very similar to yours. My tomatoes are just sprouts and still have a ways to go before there is fruit.


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