Friday, May 31, 2013

Hidden Beauty ~

Some things aren't very pretty at first glance, especially a big pile of mulch in the work area. but it sure is useful. Because I use so much of it I buy it locally by the scoop: one scoop is equal to a pick-up truck full. When you bring it home it seems like a huge amount but it goes quickly. In my garden I use 5 to 6 scoops a year. At only $20.00 a scoop it is a bargain.

I use it as a top dressing to keep down the weeds, conserve water, and add a more finished look. Because it is organic it breaks down and enriches the soil. Here I have put it in an area in back of the gazebo. It is a real boon to easier maintenance and I like the way it looks.

The climbing rose is apply named Butterscotch, it is very, very, vigorous and hardly ever without bloom. Such a pretty color somewhere between yellow and orange. Warning however: do not plant this rose unless you have lots of room for it to roam!

Compost and mulch are two of the most import ingredients to a healthy and vigorous garden if you haven't incorporated them into your gardening regime I encourage you to do so.

Yesterday I had eye surgery. It went very well and I can't believe the improvement in my vision in just one day. Everything is so much clearer and brighter ~ I feel so lucky! 
Thank you for visiting ~  May your day be bright and colorful!


  1. Oh, Adrienne!
    Eye surgery? That's so serious but I am thrilled to hear you are already seeing better! How lucky we all our to get to see your gorgeous roses today.
    Your garden is dreamy.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. cataract? speedy recovery? watch out for any flying mulch!!!

  3. Such beautiful gardens. Such good exercise you get in your yard with all the maintenance. We're behind with mulch this year. When school lets out, Chris is looking forward to getting caught up on the neglected beds. Best wishes with your eye recovery.

  4. Adrienne, the rose is beautiful. It's way past time for mulch in our garden. I'm so glad your surgery went well. I bet that rose REALLY looks beautiful to you today..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. I've been using tree service mulch for a year now. Watched a video on YouTube called The Back to Eden Gardening. It features a no-till garden. I was interested and tried it out.
    Wow, it is also no-weed, no-feed and no-water or very little watering.

    The whole idea is to get the mulch at least 6" deep over weeds, grass and soil in the Fall and leave it over the Winter. It breaks down feeding and holding moisture in the soil. To plant simple rake aside the mulch until you hit soil, plant the seed and only water enough till seeds sprout. Stop watering and replace the mulch up to the stem of the seedling like a blanket and leave alone until harvest. EASY!
    You shouldn't have to replace mulch for a good 2 yrs or until the mulch has decomposed. Every year the soil gets better. Its all in the covering of the soil, if soil gets exposed cover with mulch to avoid growing weeds. Never till the soil again.

    If your garden is already planted like mine was, just mulch around the plants. Add enough mulch in the Fall so it is 6'' deep. I could not believe the difference it made in my vegs., flowers and berries.

    Mrs. J.

  6. I am happy to hear about the improvement in your vision. I am about to have cataract surgeries, and would be interested to know more about your experience, if that is what you had.

    Your gardens are always such a treat.


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