Friday, July 19, 2013

A view from the window ~

Like all indoor cats Miss Twiggley loves to sit in the window ledges and look at what is going on outside...this is one of her favorite spots.
What does she see, and what adventures does she image, wouldn't it be fun to know. I think that it probably has something to do with bugs, birds, and butterflies.
Sorry Miss Twiggley but you are safer inside, now lets go and play with some ping pong balls!


  1. There's just something so very homey about a cat in a window - and that's a very pretty cat and a very pretty window.

  2. She has the right colour to match with you decoration! She is lovely.

  3. She's a real cutie.I believe my cat thinks about being a great hunter in the wilds, but when a bird flys up to the window, she runs and hides! LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Gorgeous picture of Miss Twiggley. Our two cats are also indoor cats. They window shop all day long from our sunroom.

  5. Our cats love to look out the windows too and there are birds, raccoons and squirrels to keep them entertained. Miss Twiggly looks very elegant sitting in your charming room. Cats really are good company too.
    Enjoy your weekend Adrienne!

  6. I love Miss Twiggley! She is such a special little cat.

  7. She is beautiful! I use to have a sweet shaded silver Persian that would do the same thing. Miss her!

    Lovely blog!


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