Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What the heat brings ~

It is hot! And one of the few positive things about the heat is the blooming of the Crepe Myrtles.

 Crepe Myrtles come in many colors, and are used in some areas of Southern California as street trees. The one you see here is a smaller variety called: Pink Pagoda, I love the fragile texture and soft color of the blooms.

I have two, the one you see here in the front and another in the rear garden next to the pond. 

The flowers are so pretty but really not good for cutting...alas, I have to enjoy them where they are. 

Although it is only July I am already longing for cooler weather and...rain! How wonderful that would be.
Thank you for visiting.


  1. They are so faithful and just bloom their little hearts out. I know all about heat our temps are 89 with 95 humidity and its really just the beginning of summer, we have two months left.
    Stay Cool! Kathy

  2. Bonjour,
    Vos arbres fleuris sont extraordinaires. Leurs fleurs apportent une belle touche de couleurs dans la verdure et cela dégage un certain romantisme.
    Gros bisous et merci pour vos belles photos.

  3. I'm with you - it's toooooo hot and humid Hope the rest of the summer isn't quite so hot. I would LOVE IT if we would get RAIN.
    Your Crepe Myrtle's are stunning. That is one plant that I don't have and I love them.
    Stay cool and drink lots of ice tea.

  4. As you can imagine, I love the name Pink Pagoda. So very Asian. What lovely blooms.

  5. Wow your garden is looking great mine is really struggling we have been super dry and very hot. We just has a pretty nasty wildfire that threatened our area as well but thankfully they are getting it under control. Enjoy your pretty blooms Love Heather

  6. Your Crepe Myrtles are beautiful! Love the color. I'll gladly send some of our rain your way. :)

  7. Hi Adrienne. I love the soft pink of your crepe myrtle. I have a large, old tree in the front garden. I think it is quite old, but it is a little darker pink. Although in hotter, lower altitude of Sacramento, they are blooming now. But at out altitude they don't bloom until around August. I have never tried to use them as cut flowers. They sure are pretty on the tree though..Happy Friday..Judy

  8. Hi, Adrienne...the crepe myrtles are gorgeous and remind me of my home in Tennessee! Your garden is always so lovely.


  9. Good to see the bird boxes again. We also have Crepe Myrtles as street lining trees; usually red.


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