Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer projects ~

Now that the work on my deck is complete I am redesigning the flower border below. It had become unruly, difficult to maintain and a real water hog. I decided to cut down on its size by enlarging the adjacent grass and gravel areas.
 First I had all of the plants taken out...then we removed all of the rock edging to be repositioned.

This is the new gravel area which will serve as an enlarged walkway leading up to my back door and the deck entrance. First a weed barrier will be laid down and then covered with gravel.

I love Boxwood and decided to use them here to formalize the lines of the reconfigured border. It took 20 one gallon plants!

This looks like a mess but it is finally beginning to take shape, this is a very awkward space and it took several tries to bring it all together.

I still need to run the drip lines for the micro-sprinklers. I figure with the changes I have made I will be using half the water and half the time maintaining this area.
This is how it looks now, not exactly beautiful but the hedges are all planted and although you can't see it very well additional grass has been plugged in. I am not sure what else I will plant but I know there will be a row of pink shrub roses, definitely an Eden rose to scamper up the railing in the corner, a couple of areas to plant annuals and additional shrubs...but all of this needs to wait for cooler weather! By next spring it should be filled in nicely and I hope to come back and share it with you then.

How are you doing with your summer projects?


  1. My biggest summer project is to relax. However, you have inspired me to head out to the nursery.


  2. I can already tell that it will be beautiful! I love your choice for boxwood. I have a small area that I need to lay pea gravel. It always reminds me of Mediterranean landscapes.

  3. I love how you have used the river rock to define the border. Boxwood is a great choice too.
    We have gravel paths and there is something so beautiful about the sound of it underfoot.
    Is it very hot where you live Adrienne?
    We are having a heat wave here and daytime walking and gardening is limited by the heat.

  4. oh... it will be a beautiful view from your bedroom & kitchen.
    Our projects continue - still need to paint the kitchen (it's been difficult to decide on colors & if we should paint the upper cabinets). Painting the bathroom vanity doors & drawers today... doing finish work - like putting the hardware back on & reattaching the the doors.
    My mom is coming for a week, so we'll actually start painting the kitchen after mom leaves (Aug 4). We MUST get down to visit with you... hard to, with all the heat!

  5. My summer projects are stopped by the weather....the weather was fine, but became too hot and now thunder and heavy rain! So I am doing them indoor.

  6. Your new garden is great and I like the rock and boxwood's. I also like how you made it smaller . Not to many projects outdoors as it's been to hot for me. Have to get out early and get done what "I need to do. Have so many lovely sitting areas and it's just to HOT! Looking forward to cooler weather.
    Your deck look inviting -
    Have a great week.

  7. You certainly got quite a bit of exercise with this project. Wow. That was a lot of work. You have such a lovely home and yard. Every part of it is a beautiful oasis.

  8. Hi Adrienne,
    The new deck looks fantastic and I am anxious to see the new landscaping around it. I am sure Raleigh would love it!! We hope to stop in when we get down that way. It has been busy with us and every time we go by it is late at night and we are on our way to Big Bear.

  9. Gardening is a never ending project, isn't it? I'm not planting anything at the moment, but waiting for the fall when I can continue on my "wildlife habitat". I have so many plans, I can hardly wait. And after a few years, when everything will be established, I will need way less water since I'm mainly going with native and drought tolerant plants. But there will always be room for delightful annuals.

  10. It is looking very good!
    I have used boxwood to define two spaces here, and gravel plays a big part in our landscaping. Like you, I have used river rock - but I have used it to define a gravel path. All the rocks were hand-picked, two and three at a time, and I like to look at them and remember all those walks!

  11. You did a lot of hard work but it will be worth it all! I can't wait to see it next Spring. Our summer projects are going slow. We have a lot of interruptions for fun things and two groups of guests coming in a week or two. They aren't really interruptions but the work will be set aside and we will enjoy every minute with them. My sweetheart is working hard to catch up with projects that have been left undone for a few years while he worked extremely long, stressful hours. Now things are beginning to come together. We even have a list for next summer already!


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