Saturday, October 26, 2013

A bit of this and that ~

Just a bit of this and that to share with you.
On my list of purchases to fill out my wardrobe this year was a new black handbag. I wanted something for everyday use, not too big that I could alternate as a cross-over body bag and a shoulder bag. I was delighted to find this one at Marshall's: it is black leather and just the right size and shape. Exactly what I was looking for. I don't carry much in my handbags, if I am going on a shopping trip I carry a tote to stash my purchases, but for everyday errands I have drastically pared down what I need. This is perfect!

Next on the list...this book. I don't know if it would really make one 7 years younger, but it is full of good, solid, well researched information on health, nutrition, exercise, and beauty, there is even a chapter on stress reduction techniques. I found it very interesting and well worth the read. 

And then...who would think that my favorite new neutral for nail polish would be lavender, amazingly it seems to go with everything I put on. This soft shade Lav-endure, is by Cover Girl and I love it. I find that their nail polish is just as long lasting as some of the pricier brands and the colors are new and interesting.

Talk about color, it is hard to beat the blue tones of fall blooming asters. They put on the most amazing show and are well appreciated for the interest they add to the garden at this time of year. Growing almost 6 feet tall these are garden giants and definitely have to be placed in the right spot. They also appreciate some support. But my, aren't they spectacular!

 That's all for now. Thank you for visiting and have a very happy day!


  1. Think I will try the Cover Girl Lav-Endure nail polish. Have a good weekend. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Love the new handbag, it is fabulous. I just found one I like at Marshalls too. They do have the best bags at the best prices. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your crystal jars and box are a gorgeous backdrop to that pretty polish....I rarely paint mt fingernails because I am always messing them up when I garden and I do wear gloves!

  4. All of your favorites just became mine too.
    Smiles, Dottie

  5. Such a fun post. I always enjoy your latest happenings. I'm relaxing with a few of my favorite blogs after a busy Halloween party. Happy Saturday!

  6. Beautiful asters! Love the nail polish, too! I'm using a very light pink right now and loving it too! Have a great evening!

  7. The asters are so pretty. I love Marshall's - can always find something there to purchase. Like your new bag - it's just the right size.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Your new purse is just the right size and shape! I love Marshall's, especially their candle section.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I think the bag you have chosen is idea.. You should enjoy the book the TV series in the UK was excellent.

  10. Love the nail varnish, very nice colour. The book must be very interesting, I have such books.
    The asters are already finished here.
    A good week to you.

  11. Well you covered it all in this post. I hardly carry anything in my purse either. I really like the sleek look of that one. We don't have Marshall's here in Canada.
    Lavender polish? I am sure I would never even thought of using it but now I just might.


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