Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Facile et simple ~

I mentioned in my last post that I had cut some eucalyptus branches from a near by bridle path. I love them, they make the house smell delicious and dry beautifully ~ plus they are free! My favorite way to use them is in a Moroccan vase on the kitchen island. A simple arrangement, but with a large impact. These will last for several weeks or until I tire of them.
With the left-over branches...
I made an arrangement for the interior hall. I combined them in a basket with Sea Lavender, Baby's Breath and Hydrangeas, all that I had dried earlier in the summer. Easy and simple.
Sometimes easy and simple is the best!
Thank you for visiting I hope you are having a lovely autumn day.


  1. Simply gorgeous. You are so lucky to have so many options for creating dried arrangements right from your own yard.

  2. Beautiful arrangements from around your home. The dried flowers are so very nice.
    Enjoying a great fall day.

  3. What a beautiful arrangement!! Love the simplicity!

  4. Your header is so pretty!
    I love the shades of silvery green and lavender in your arrangements.

  5. Lush and lovely arrangements.
    Does miss Twiggly jump up and try to disassemble these? My two cats are real trouble when I bring flowers and foliage inside and arrange them in vases.

    1. No, she is pretty good about it...of course she always "investigates". but remember, she has her own little garden LOL although she hasn't been very good at watering it ~ she keeps forgetting!

  6. I completely agree with easy and simple often being the best. I really like your Moroccan vase!

  7. How beautiful! Simple is the way to go :)


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