Saturday, September 28, 2013

Autumnal delights ~

The days are still very warm here but the nights and mornings are cooling down and a feeling of fall is in the air. So...I decided, it was definitely time to start my autumnal decorating.

I brought everything up from the basement. So many pretty things, I don't know exactly where they will go ~ from year to year it is fun to mix it up a bit...

I also made a trip to the local bridal path, my source for eucalyptuses branches which add so much to flower arrangements. I will combine them with berries for fall and then later with flowers I have dried over the summer for winter bouquets.

 I have a pretty good idea of what I will be doing for the next few days. How about you, are you all ready for the up-coming festivities? Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner!
It's such a fun time of year.


  1. Beautiful! So glad you are enjoying beautiful Fall days. We are having a record-breaking storm. Rain and high winds. Time to snuggle under a cozy afghan by the fire and read a good book - or watch a good movie. Your Autumn décor is wonderful!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Such beautiful rich colors.

  3. Autumn actually is my favorite season, so I am more than ready for it. I don't decorate a lot in the house, but I do put up the Halloween decoration on the front porch - I just love that too much. Your fall decoration looks beautiful, all those warm and rich colors are gorgeous.

  4. I have been decorating for a couple weeks now, tweaking and moving things. I will add the Halloween items in about a week and then take is down and still have my fall things up until Thanksgiving and then yea yea yea, I will be decorating for Christmas. I always decorate a hotel and do 8 trees and 2 of them are 12 ft tall. So I try to do mine before because I am burned out after the hotel.

    Enjoy your fall.

  5. Adreinne, it is all so pretty. Your photos are so bright and show off the fall colors perfectly. I love the picture as your header..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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