Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Absolutely impossible ~

I have come to the conclusion...

...that it is completely, absolutely, totally, impossible,

 to have too many Dahlias!

Glorious, glorious, flowers, small, big, and between, and so easy to grow; the only drawback is staking but definitely worth the trouble. I can hardly wait until next spring to plant more.
 So I am already planning for next year. Swan Island Dahlias have the most delectable catalogue with wonderful selections, and White Flower Farm has a collection called: Shades of Pink. I think I am in Dahlia heaven! 
Have you making plans for the next planting season?
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  1. That's a beautiful bouquet, Adrienne. I love dahlias, but The Great Dane and I disagree on colour. He likes to plant the yellows, whites and oranges while I prefer the pinks, whites and mauve. I see that you and I agree on colour!

  2. I agree- and mine didn't come up because of the horrid torrential early spring rains we I sure love yours and your awesome attitude about them.

    They are truly hardy and wonderful flowers, indeed.

  3. Oh Dahlias are so pretty and such a welcome a hundred times over in blogs such as yours.The colors are macnificent.
    They can go so nice as a early fall flower which I think they are as I entered mine a kid in fall fair Dahlias contest in Sept. I won first price.

  4. So, so , soooooooo beautiful!...Christine

  5. Hello Adrienne, lovely photos of your dahlias. My favorite flowers too. Next year I also want to plant more. Thank you for your kind comments on my post.

  6. Those are beautiful dahlias. The autumn plants have their own special beauty.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous blooms. Chris and I purchased a 100 tulip bulbs Monday night to plant later this fall. Every year we have hopes for lovely tulips in the spring, only to find that the squirrels have enjoyed them over the winter. Fingers crossed this year is different!

  8. I love Dahlias! Swan Island Dahlias is just down the street a few blocks from my home. We are enjoying strolls through the fields and evening drives around the acres and acres of gorgeous flowers right now. They just had two weekends of their big Dahlia Show. It's a wonder to be there and see hundreds and hundreds of Dahlia arrangements. I must go down and order more bulbs right away! You should come this way near Labor Day some time and visit the show - I would love to stroll through the fields and share the beauty with you!

  9. Hi Adrienne! I so admire your gardening skills. I wonder how easy dahlias are in NM? I have to admit that I never think of gardening until spring. But of course you get the beautiful payoff! Your dahlias are wonderful. So nice to get your feedback on my recent changes! Happy weekend!


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