Monday, September 2, 2013

Revisiting Parisian Chic ~

This is what happens when you read a book about style...

...and look in your over-stuffed closet and realize that you need to go through and get rid of, many of the things that you no longer wear, or will ever wear. Clothes that you sift through when you are looking for you favorite item...and think, someday I will wear this.

Rereading Parisian Chic is what prompted me to rethink my wardrobe. She of course mentions the classic "must haves" for any women of style, some of which do not relate to me because of the warm climate I live in, my life style, and petite size, but the concept of building a wardrobe on quality instead of quantity, with classic pieces really appeals to me.

In the future, I plan on making fewer, more selective choices when I shop, in more neutral colors with an emphasis on accessories. Meanwhile, I think I need a few more empty bags!

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  1. Ooh lah lah I enjoy this book so much and keep my copy handy for quick reference.
    I love getting dressed with fewer choices. It makes it so much easier and knowing that the classics you keep fit well, look great and are versatile.
    Those donations will help someone in need so it is a win win situation...
    love to see you in some of your classics too.

  2. I so need to read that book!
    Smiles, Dottie

  3. Bonjour ma chère amie,

    Je suis restée longuement absente des blogs... Aujourd'hui je suis heureuse d'être de retour parmi vous.
    Je découvre avec enthousiasme votre dernière publication. L'automne arrive doucement et nous allons devoir faire le tri dans les armoires ! Comme vous avez raison, nous nous encombrons de beaucoup de choses !
    Un très joli article.
    Inès de la Fressange est une personne fantastique.
    Gros bisous à vous

  4. I find that I have too many items in my closet and that autumn is the time to weed them.

  5. I hope you didn't get rid of too many of the cute dresses you've made! We're still decluttering... have only one storage unit left (had 3 - we're bad! but to be honest, one was my daughter's stuff & the other had a bunch of stuff from several of John's programs). I think John took 10 boxes of books to the used book store. Still more to go! it's a long process.

  6. Such a good idea, and one that I must soon borrow. Good for you! I don't know this book, but it's clear that I'll have to find it.

  7. I think Miss Emma needs to borrow this book. She has more clothes than Chris and I combined!!

  8. I hope you will share your 'new' classics as you purchase them! I need to do some shopping for basic 'classics', too.

  9. I love that book! Cleaning out my closet and editing my clothes always makes my morning ritual of choosing what to wear so much simpler. The less we have, the more we wear our clothes. Good luck!

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  11. I have been working on cleaning my closet out also. I have so much stuff that just hangs in there like a decoration. Sometimes Less is really more. I think better to have less of better quality then tons of cheap stuff. I always think it feels great cleaning out the closet!! Love Heather

  12. I have a horrible habit of hanging on to clothes well beyond their best before date! I should take a page from your book and go through my own closet.

  13. This is too funny Adrienne because I just did the exact same thing in my closet and stuffed the donations in MY Traders Joe shopping bags!! It felt soooo good!

    Feature: Entrepreneur Sigal Sasson

  14. I went through my clothes a few weeks ago---it took me all day! I had a lot that were given to me. I agree with what you have said---but I am pretty hopeless when it comes to style! lol! I hate shopping for clothes. We used to have a second hand shop that had all kinds of classic pieces, but it closed. I used to love that store---so much fun!


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