Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miss Twiggley's Garden ~

A couple of weeks ago while I was grocery shopping I found a display with seeds for growing pet grass. Since Miss Twiggley is an indoor cat I thought it might be nice for her to have a little greenery to nibble on. I have also heard that it helps with hairballs and no matter how many times a day I comb her, with her long fur and dense coat this can be a problem.
I planted some of the seeds and they quickly germinated ~ within a week this is how they looked...
 Then a couple of days ago I found pots of Catnip at Home Depot. Well, of course I couldn't resist, so now Miss Twiggley has a little garden, complete with a couple of friends.

And what does she have to goes something like this:

 "I am completely exhausted, no one told me that gardening was so much work!"

 Miss Twiggley does something rather unique: She puts her favorite toys in her water dish and then just leaves them there until I take them out. Does anyone out there have a cat that does something similar? It's cute but I wonder why she does it, I asked the vet but she didn't know either.


  1. I'm smiling at this post. Our older cat (Penny) has a favorite toy cloth mouse that she brings to the water dish and her food dish. It's often in her food bowl when I come home from work. Each night her mouse also comes to bed with her. She sleeps on our bed so her nasty wet mouse is always on our bed each morning. Emma and Josie like to think she's treating it like her child or a favorite stuffed animal.

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Que ce soit chat ou chien, ils ont tous des manies ! Mon petit dalmatien ne veut pas que je range la couverture de sa corbeille. Il la tient alors serrée contre son poitrail entre ses pattes avant pour me faire comprendre qu'elle est à lui.

    Votre minette est superbe... Une véritable princesse !

    Gros bisous et une caresse à votre amie à quatre pattes.

  3. My cats don't use their water dishes but insist on drinking fresh water from the tap!
    My bed is where they hide their toys!
    Oh that belly looks so of my cats Chester, loves a belly rub. On the other hand Pepper will bite and scratch.

  4. Your cat is beautiful. I think she thinks this is her baby and she is giving it a bath. LOL. They do have some strange things they like to do. My male dog LOVE stuffed dog toys and the female wants nothing to do with them. Pets are so much fun - they have their own ideas.

  5. Oh my, Miss Twiggley is so fluffy and cute that I want to squish her. One of my cats with dig in my son's drawer, take out all his socks and bring them upstairs. My kitty that I had before my two current cats used to scoop his food into his water with his paw and then scooped it out of the water to eat it. It made me think of a raccoon washing its food. I just love animals...they're so entertaining.

  6. Hello Adrienne,
    Your cat looks very happy! My cat always put his paw in the water before drinking...and shake it on the floor...


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