Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Camellias and Chanel ~

Through out most of the year I take little notice of the camellias in my garden, they seems to flourish with little care and I simply take them for granted. Then...once a year, at a time when nothing else in the garden is blooming, they surprise me with their loveliness. Maybe it is that they don't want to share the stage with other garden stars.

My bushes are all quite old, probably original to the house which was built in 1927. Many of them have turned into trees, with wonderful open branches. The one below is not one of the biggest but is one of my favorites...

...it is a creamy  white color with just the slightest hint of pink, exactly the color I would like to paint the guest bedroom;  my next project.

 White camellias always remind me of Coco Chanel. When I was in Paris with my granddaughter we made a pilgrimage to Rue Cambon. the only thing that we could afford was nail polish, but the sales lady treated us with much charm and warmth and the purchase, minor as it was, came beautifully bagged... decorated with a white, silk camellia.

You must admit, they really are a beautiful flower.

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  1. Lovely post on such a gloomy, wintery day here in southwest Louisiana. Not much blooming here this morning! Thanks for brightening my day! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I agree with Linda. Such lovely pictures. Our snow drifts are as high as Josie. She gets swallowed in our snowy yard. Your gorgeous blooms are a welcome sight.

  3. Camellias are a beautiful flower!! Such a lovely sight this time of year.
    Mary Alice

  4. Your camellias are so pretty - love the pink. I have two camellia bushes and you are so right that they want center stage. My calla lily's are just starting to bloom and I do love them so. They kinda over lap with there blooms. Thanks for sharing you beautiful camellias. Have a great week.

  5. They are just gorgeous, Adrienne. I never knew they grew so large. Love the color,
    perfect for your painting project. The flowers are like bright moon beams, just right to chase away the winter blues!

  6. Yes, I do love them. At my old home we had planted a whole row of them! They were so cheerful when little else was blooming. Here where I live there are different kinds. Some bloom in the fall and some in the winter. There are some outside where I live now that bloom in November---but they keep them trimmed like a bush. There is a cemetery in the old part of town that has a lot of pretty ones. Also, the ones I planted in my former home are really really big now---I was amazed at how big they have grown in just a few years.!

  7. The camellias will begin to bloom here in February - I look forward to seeing them with such pleasure. I'd love to have a Camellia, but they don't do well up here in the woods. My favourites are the pale pink....almost-white ones.

  8. I love Camellias, such a beautiful flower. Mine are not in bloom yet, we must wait a few more months!


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