Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Looking ahead ~

I went out into the garden today and cut this big bouquet of Statice. It might seem strange to think about winter in the midst of spring but this is when I start collecting flowers to dry for winter bouquets and right now these are at their peak of bloom and at the perfect stage for cutting.

I planted them from a pony pack last year and this week at my local garden center I found a few more to plant...Statice sinuata, Pastel Shades, you can see they come in various hues of purple and pink, mixed in with white buds.

Like all of the Statices, they are very easy to grow and they dry perfectly, with a papery texture, retaining their full color. They are wonderful as fillers in large bouquets but also pretty on their own. 

You can see that a little friend came to help and advise me. Shame on you Miss Twiggley kitties are not supposed to be up here! Silly me, shouldn't I know by now who is the queen of the castle!

Thank you for visiting,
 I hope you have some beauty in your day.

P.S. Miss Twiggley says, "meow".


  1. So pretty... never seen pink static before.

  2. Such feminine little petals. Gorgeous color. Miss Twiggley is definitely Queen of the castle! I just want to kiss that sweet little face every time I see her on your blog.

  3. Hello Adrienne:

    These colours are wonderful and do indeed work so very well together. You are so right to be thinking ahead. Too often we plan to do something like this, never quite get around to doing it, and then are disappointed when the time comes and we have nothing to show.

  4. Wow those flowers are beautiful and that cat awwwww so cute!! I miss having a cat but my dogs right now are not able to coexist with them. ~I closed my old blog and set up a new one if you want to follow along with me over there it is ~Love Heather

  5. I have been drying herbs from my garden. I've had a love affair with herbs my whole life. I once owned herd shop and grew to love and sell dried flowers. They are my favorite. Your static is lovely....
    Smiles, Dottie

  6. Your statice flowers are such pretty colors! I hope you will show us the future floral arrangements that you create using them. Miss Twiggley is precious! Did she nibble on the greenery when you weren't looking, like many kitties would?

  7. Beautiful statice flowers. I don't have them in my garden, but perhaps I should? Anyway, it's good that you think ahead of winter, because it will be so nice to have the dried flowers and play with them. Good thinking!

  8. Right back at ya, Miss Twiggley! Your mama sure can grow some pretty flowers. I have a small amount of the purple in the garden but I always save the bits that come in the grocery store bouquets to add into other arrangements..Happy Weekend..Judy


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