Sunday, April 27, 2014

Early morning bliss ~

I woke up this morning just as the sun was rising and the new day was saying a quiet hello. Miss Twiggley was still snoozing at the end of the bed. I thought to myself how fortunate I was to be able to wake up in a room which I truly love.

This master suite was an addition to the old house, it was designed by my husband around my specific desires in what I wanted in a bedroom...french doors leading outside, lots of space for a sitting area and a fire place. He built the cobble stone fire place and the mantle.

Bedroom at dawn, taken from the bed

This is a space I always enjoy coming into, light in the day time and cozy at night. I think Miss Twiggley likes it too as I often find her cuddled up sleeping in here. I hope you you like it also

Now I better get up and get busy...lots to do today.

Thank you for visiting, have a great day.


  1. Yes, a beautiful and cozy bedroom with a cobble stone mantel fire also elegant and inviting! I don't blame you for loving it!

  2. I love the stone hearth...very beautiful!
    Looks like the room that my husband and I stayed in at the luxe Hastings House on Salt Spring Island...would love to wak up in that room!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely room.

  4. Oh my goodness---how beautiful this room is Adrienne!!!! I can see why you adore it so much!!!!
    It's gorgeous! Now, where is it you will sleep when I come to visit????? :)))))
    sending hugs...

  5. It is just wonderful! I love the cobblestone fireplace! Delightful!

  6. I just made my husband come look at your blog. Your cobblestone fireplace is absolutely wonderful. I always enjoy glimpses into your special home. I can see why Miss Twiggley enjoys this room too. So very very cozy!!

  7. Hello Adrienne:

    How wonderful to have such a spacious bedroom and the fireplace is, indeed, an additional luxury. We love the idea of French windows opening directly onto the garden; this must be such a pleasure during the summer months.

  8. Your bedroom is wonderful! The fireplace and mantel, seating area and windows are delightful - and so inviting! How fortunate you are to have something your hubby built - the perfect place to spend time.

  9. Your bedroom looks dreamy. The workmanship in the fireplace and mantle is wonderful. Your husband did excellent work. I like the furniture style, too. What a cozy, calming place to spend time in with Miss Twiggley.

  10. Oh my, what a beautiful bedroom you have. I can understand why you love waking up to such a lovely place.

  11. Adrienne, you are truly blessed. The bedroom is a place of beauty and comfort, so very inviting.

  12. It does look cozy, and the morning light is just beautiful.

  13. A true sanctuary!
    Everyone should have one room with perfect morning light. Such a treat!

  14. Oh, Adrienne. What a beautiful room. It is just what a dream of mine is made of. Do you consider it English Country, because that is what I think of when I look at it. I pinned it so I can look forever! What a elegant sight to wake up to..Happy Sunday..Judy


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