Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another way to use roses ~

I have been very busy lately and haven't had much time to post. The good thing is that I have gotten quite a bit done...the tree trimmers have been here, I have installed a drip system in the new border under the deck.


In the powder room I have finished hanging the wall paper and putting the molding on the doors, now all that remains it to install the new knobs hanging the little chandelier, making a skirt to go under the basin,
 some decorative details...and I will be done!

Today I leave you with another way to use roses, on a whim I scattered these petals around this large container on my dining room table and let them dry, in a few days I will probably whisk them away but until then....well, I think they look rather pretty.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!


  1. I agree, the rose petals do look pretty this way. What a nice idea.

  2. Confetti petals! Or playthings for Miss Twiggly?

  3. Hello Adrienne,

    The scattered Rose petals do look pretty. And when you tire of them there, they can always be scooped up and placed into a glass container where they will last for an age, fading gracefully. We often do this when given Roses as a gift. The kind thought lasts longer....

  4. Such a pretty table with your pretty rose petals. It would make such a lovely tablescape for a special tea party.

  5. Adrienne, you are such a busy lady. My hat is off to you! Those rose petals look beautiful on your table. It's funny how the simplest things often turn out the very best..Happy Mother's Day..Judy


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