Thursday, May 22, 2014

Un peu de beauté pour la journée ~

I love gravel, I love the crunchy noise it makes when trod upon, the most wonderful alarm system, it gives a much softer and more organic look than concrete or asphalt, fitting so well in the garden.

. Here it is in what I grandly call my "mews", a large area at the end of the driveway in front of the garage. The gravel was installed here after a trip to England and a stay at a charming bed and breakfast, the Old Parsonage in the Cotswolds, where it was used in much the same fashion. We came home, and ordered it delivered the week after our return, it covers a very old, very ugly asphalt slab.

I have since used gravel in other ways throughout the garden and will be using it again in a new area I am designing, of which I hope to share with you later...

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  1. On a, toujours, besoin d'un peu de beauté pour la journée! I, too, love the sound of gravel and have always resisted having the drive paved. It's nice to hear when visitors arrive!

  2. I love gravel too and have often wished to have it in the back corner of our yard near tall pines.....there we have an old wooden bench, but I don't sit there often because the grass is always so dewy back there......just haven't done so because I thought I would have a mess of grass and weeds poking through all the time. so still haven't but sure love yours - perfectly covering boring asphalt. Well done. What a serene pretty little outdoor space! ♥

    1. If you put down old newspapers and a weed barrier cloth it should take care of the grass, it is always nice to also put down some sort of border...I usually use field stone.

  3. I always enjoy peeks at your beautifully groomed yard. Such a pretty sight. A lovely respite.

  4. I love that crunchy sound of gravel and we installed a gravel drive and paths in our bungalow needs to be careful though when wearing heels....I scraped some leather off the heel of some newish shoes :-(

  5. Always so beautiful - can hardly wait to see your new area.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

  6. I do agree with you, Adrienne. I love the sound when walked upon and I think it adds such a casual, yet formal at the same time, touch to the garden. Can't wait to see your new design..Judy

  7. I love gravel, too! What a beautiful photo!


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